Prototype 2 Preview (

Released in the spring of 2009, Prototype came out in a cluster of open-world games with Infamous and Red Faction: Guerrilla. The game received a somewhat lukewarm reception, because of the disjointed narrative, lack of variety in the environments and missions, and the strength of its competitors. The folks over at Radical say they have listened to the feedback and reworked the world of Prototype with a more immediate, personal story and an expanded set of gameplay options.

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mephman2587d ago

This game was pretty much under the radar - much like Activision in general. If MW3 hadn't been shown at the Microsoft conference, I wouldn't really have even known they were there.

JDouglasGU2587d ago

it was under the radar, but had a surprisingly good showing so hopefully it picks up.

ShawnCollier2587d ago

Hopefully the sequel gets more limelight than the first outing.

subtenko2587d ago

Im not gonna be picking up this game this time around personally. Anyone getting the game I hope you get what you want tho and enjoy the game.