Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – 3DS vs. PS2 screenshot comparison

Check out a comparison of Metal Gear Solid 3 on the 3DS and PS2 based on the latest images.

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Shackdaddy8362557d ago

If you keep in mind that the 3DS version is 3D then it's very good.

Warprincess1162557d ago

3D is a gimmick. It slows down the game and just ruins it. The ps2 version looks way better. What the point of buying the 3ds version. Worst graphics and it gone to be $40. I rather wait for the HD collection. At-least i get 3 games in 1 for $40.

El_Colombiano2557d ago

I enjoy 3D very much actually. Especially with Ocarina of Time. It's so well done.

Biggest2557d ago

So like. . . What happened to the 3DS having great graphics ability? Considering a PS2/MGS3 combo would cost around $110 right now, the 3DS is a bit overpriced for what it is offering in this case.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2557d ago

^^^ Resident Evil: Revelations

HardCover2557d ago

Biggest, you can't just compare the price tags like that.

Unless of course your PS2 is the size of a 3DS and can output similar 3D visuals.

Warprincess, I was going to reply to you until I looked up to see who I was replying to. Nevermind.

Biggest2557d ago

I think it's a fair comparison. I'm just talking about the game in question and the system it's played on. No, the PS2 is not the size of a 3DS. It can, however, be played on the move. The PS2 has been highly portable since early 2003 (I had one on deployment with me). The 3D effect of the 3DS is great for some and horrible for some. The usual conversation goes "I hate the 3D on the 3DS. It hurts my brain!" "Well, you CAN turn it off." "Then why buy a 3DS if not to use the 3D?" The usual retort for that is the games library. In this case, that is not a vaild response since you can play the same game, on the move, with a PS2. The point I am making is: The 3DS is too expensive for what it can do. The graphical fidelity of this game, and every other shown game, do not say $250 when the PS2 and PSP are $100 or less.

NeutralGamer2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

MGS 3DS also got some gameplay mechanics which the original don't have...

Namely the crouch feature from MGS 4 and Peace Walker... YES it is a big deal.

And then there is the biggest fact: You can have it in your pocket.

SHAZAM Argument invalid.

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itani2557d ago

Been very hooked on Ocarina of Time 3DS. The game is actually pretty awesome in 3D. The visuals are very well done. Also why compare a handheld visuals to a console visuals?

HeavenlySnipes2557d ago


Venox20082557d ago

keep in mind that this is A PORT!!! and other thing, game uses different shaders so it looks different, but both look awesome

NeutralGamer2556d ago


Mind that they implented new gameplay tweaks from Peace Walker.

They implented the crouch feature which was introduced to MGS in MGS 4.

rexbolt2557d ago

hmm this guys slacking im sorry theres no exscuse for this

dragunrising2557d ago

I was thinking of an an excuse for worse graphics in the 3DS version but can't think of good one. Perhaps half the reason is shotty porting and the other (and more probable) a space issue with the size of the 3DS carts. Either way I find little reason to buy this version for $40 when I can get the HD upgraded three game compilation with trophies/achievements for the same price.

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Burning_Finger2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

LOL. Comparing a 11 years old tech and 7 years old game to a current system.

PS2 still looks a lot better. XD


PirateThom2557d ago


Vita is a handheld...

Shackdaddy8362557d ago

He wasn't talking about the vita though. He was talking about the PS2. (His edit is though)

CrawFail2557d ago

Can't view the site from my phone. What's the verdict?

You Noob2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

ps2 look better

are you fu**ing blind Nintendo's fangirls?



Why not buy the PS3/360 HD COllections? :)

NeutralGamer2556d ago

"Why not buy the PS3/360 HD COllections? :)"

If you own a 3DS why not get the 3DS version? It plays in 3DS, its portable, got some new features.

Alot of people here seems to think that MGS 3DS is suposed to be a system seller. It is not.

It is ment for people who have a 3DS already. Its not trying to go tell you buy a 3DS NOW SO YOU CAN REPLAY MGS 3!

When Collections was announced, the role of MGS 3DS changed from a system seller to a "great 3DS title"

WetN00dle692557d ago

Yep PS2 wins by a long shot BUT ill still probably buy
Didnt have a PS2 back in those days well i did but its a long story and it will only piss me off if i talk about it ANYWAYS yeah.

rexbolt2557d ago

i think mgs ppl slacked off on this one if u ask me i mean look what cap com and nintendos doing

maniac762557d ago

Its all good ,peeps will still buy it

Goeres2557d ago

Fuck me, picture 8 says it all. And I couldn't give 2 shits about 3D, I don't use it for either DoA or OoT since it gives me tired eyes, and I'm not alone with this issue =/

With this said, I'll still buy it since its not ALL about graphics and MGS3 one of the best games ever made!

Venox20082557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

play about a week in 3D from time to time and your eyes will get used to it... I had the same I can play for hours in 3D with no problems at all :)

..and yeah.. MGS 3 is one of the best games ever made + I'll buy it too :)

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