We Know Gamers - Portal 2 review

Portal 2 is the sequel to Valve’s hugely successful Portal. Portal 2 is a first person puzzle platform game in which the player uses portals to move itself or objects from one area to the other. Most of what made the original game has been retained and a couple of new features have been added but can Portal 2 outdo its predecessor or will it have hit a wall it cannot overcome.

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Yardie2588d ago

This will likely be my game of the year. I know uncharted is coming, but this had Stephen Merchant in it.

Kakihara2588d ago

It's been my game of the year since I completed the single player campaign, I just started the multiplayer campaign with a friend recently and in terms of puzzles it's even better than the single player. Not owning this game should be officially recognised as a mental illness.

liban-ali2588d ago

It was brilliant and yes I agree with you Kakihara :P

gcolley2588d ago

too short and easy but still a heap of fun. i give it an 8