Top Five Features We Want in Halo 4

Ever since Microsoft announced Halo 4's impending 2012 release at E3, I can't help but feel both excitement and apprehension. Halo is without a doubt the most prized exclusive franchise for the Xbox 360. As such, it stands to reason that the success of this next trilogy will prove to be an influential factor in the overall success of the Xbox platform. With Bungie moving onto bigger and (arguably) better things with Activision, 343 Industries has some seriously large shoes to fill. While the new development studio certainly has their work cut out for them, the right approach could bring a much needed fresh take on the franchise. So, if you reading this Microsoft, here are five things to consider when developing Halo 4.

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UltimaEnder2534d ago

Will sell millions either way =)

princejb1342534d ago

yep im not a fan of the halo universe, but i know it will sell millions just like every other game

admiralthrawn872534d ago

a removal of the tacked on "we wanna be like CoD too" features that reach had.

alexcosborn2534d ago

Yeah, 343 would be better off doing away with gimmicky features like armor abilities. Something tells me that won't happen though :(

ambientFLIER2532d ago

Didn't realize that COD has armor abilities and jetpacks...

jdktech20102534d ago

I don't think Armor abilities are that bad but I know they're gonna have classic playlists because of the all the controversy about them.

Also, they've been working on this for at least a couple years before they announced it (at least they said that in interviews) so a new engine isn't out of the question. Most likely, it takes part of the Reach engine and parts of a new engine and combines them. Then again, Halo was never about the graphics. I didn't sink 90 hours and counting into that game because of the graphics.

Can't wait for Halofest at PAX

alexcosborn2534d ago

In an interview with IGN, Phil Spencer indicates that 343 is using the engine in some capacity: "343 obviously has partnered closely with Bungie for a while. We had been working with them on Halo: Reach and map packs. We started with the code base from Halo, so it's not something we had to re-roll from the beginning."

slampunk2534d ago

I agree with most of this article but i think forge needs to be overhauled again.....

I play online a lot & the maps being created by the community are great....One thing they need though is more flexibility with colours & differing enviroments to forge in.....When i first saw forge world i was blown away......Thinking about it now, it would've been better if there were more diversity across the landscape......Snow area, Dessert, different forest types & an industrial area with different colour schemes etc.....Different pieces (convenent or human 2 so they can theme maps in more than one way.....

The possibilities would be endless & the user generated content would offer a never ending amount of new maps to keep thing fresh......Maybe even the addition of forge missions too???