Dear Dice,

FXGAMECENTER would like to apologize on the behalf of my fellow gamers. I know you guys have been receiving a ton of flak from gamers who have recently witnessed the footage of Battlefield 3 running on the PS3. I for one would like to commend you guy’s effort. And what you guys have achieved thus far with the technology inside the PS3 is simply breath taking.

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Shackdaddy8362313d ago

I actually like that DICE is getting defensive against these trolls. It shows how much they care for the game they are making.

ATiElite2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

" Also Dice if you have any more information as to why the PS3 version wont match the PC version i would be in debit to you for sharing it with me so that I can relay it."

Are you serious? i swear this is a ploy to get web hits or some people are really super duper stupid. It's a PC. If you think a PS3 is just as powerful as a PC then I hate to break the news to never was. in 2006 a Core2Duo and 8800gtx were better than a PS3 cause a 8800gtx could run every PC game in 1080p. Every game, not 3 or 4 but every game even with AA.

PC has unlimited power and Next Gen tech TODAY!

PS3 limited and 5 year old tech that never had enough Ram or a good GPU in the first place.

360 is a low end DX9 PC period

BeastlyRig2313d ago

There is this notion that the cell can cure the sick, walk on water & raise the dead..

captain-obvious2312d ago

i bet DICE is really happy that they are getting all of this feed back
negative and positive

because it shows PPL are interested in the game and it generates hype and publicity

even if someone has some negativity about it
he may buy it just out of curiosity

ATiElite2312d ago

@ Beastly rig

The Cell can actually cure cancer, perform brain surgery and predict Lottery numbers. oh it can also rap better than Eminem.

BrianG2312d ago

ha, Plus the RSX is based of a 7800GT or GTX, form what I hear.

I for one never expected miracles, this is how consoles work, provide a static performance over a lifespan. Sure that performance might not be fully tapped at launch which is why we have better and better games throughout a consoles life cycle.

There is always a limit. Even on PC, but the PC limit goes away so fast that it seems it wasn't even there. Tech evolves quicker than Developers probably even know what to do with it on PC platforms.

If you forced a developer to optimize a game only for a GTX 590 or AMD 6990 respectively along with a high end CPU, like an Intel i7 2600k or alike, I can guarantee you that game would run and look better than any other PC game. But that's just it, PC devs developer for multiple platforms, minimal optimization out the gate, not a bad thing if you have some dough to drop on a good enough gaming rig though.

HardCover2312d ago

"PC has unlimited power"


DualConsoleOwner2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

PC is better than consoles. No one is arguing that and that isnt why people are complaining.

Some people are just disappointed that it does not look as good as top PS3 exclusives.

Maybe Dice does not have enough time like Sony's first party dev to focus on devs, but people's point are valid.There is room for Dice to improve on PS3 at least to the point it looks as good as PS3 games like Uncharted 2, God of War 3 and Killzone 3.

No Way2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

You, sir, are one of the people they were talking about, with a post earlier.
You, would seem to, have no idea what you talking about or what is going on..
There is 'No Way' for the game to look like the Uncharted games, get real.
There is sooooo much more going on in Battlefield than in Uncharted games.
If I'm not mistaken, they are 'corridor'-ish, games. Battlefield 3, is not.
It's like asking 'Open World' games to look like Uncharted, it won't happen.
They have explained this, as well, before. Ther is just too much going on.
The amount of vehicles and destruction alone, is very taxing, on the game.
Then to add in the players, the landscape, the scope of the game, etc.

They have done a brilliant job and people need to give them some props..

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Dart892313d ago

I'm a PS3 fan and to be honest these guys who are b**ching about the way the game looks is utterly stupid.That's pre-alpha stage graphics for christ sake how about everyone just wait's until the game is released then you can b**ch all you want.

Warprincess1162313d ago

No it not.It the latest build. They have um 4 months left. Graphics don't usually change. So these graphics are final. It a shame dice decided to screw console players because they want to make the minority happy.

Convas2313d ago

You know WP, I've come to the conclusion that you are a total and complete dumbass.

And it is sad. You give all the intelligent female games out there and on this site a bad name.

metsgaming2312d ago

graphics do change when they are in pre alpha or alpha stage and even after that when they polish.

RememberThe3572312d ago

You have no idea what your talking about. Medal of Honor looked like pure crap in beta testing and looked great by release.

Your looking for something to b*tch about and you really need to get that sh*t outta here. This game looks great for a PS3 game. Especially with all that it has going on on screen with destruction, vehicles, AI, all that and the visuals still look great.

Your a troll and you need to shut up.

zerox5052312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

i think i love you

RedDead2312d ago

My...brain cells...dying...

BeOneWithTheGun2312d ago

@rememberthe357. I must say that Medal OF Honor looked like crap when it was released. I just don't know how people think that game looked good.

SirBillyBones2312d ago

@Warprincess... one stupid comment deserves another, so here's one in response to yours: 'stop trolling and get back in the kitchen'.

Now that I've got that out of the way, memorise the following: Alpha..[we are here].. Beta.. Final Release.

There is an open Beta testing phase in September, and changes will STILL be made after that, before the final release. What we have seen is an early draft, and it's stunning.

Like the person above me said, you let down your gender with your obtuse remarks.

FlyShootRaceSims2312d ago

Sounds to me like you are one of the whiners that they're talking about. It looks great on the PS3, considering the scope of the game. Just not as good as the PC version; which is understandable.

pandehz2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

@Warpussy or whatever
Yea coz the minority dont bitch like you.

PhantomT14122312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

This is Call of Duty 4 in its pre-alpha form:

The final version looked quite better...

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thebudgetgamer2313d ago

while i think the people that are complaining should simmer down, speak for yourself.

Burning_Finger2312d ago

Dear Dice,

Ignore all the haters and STFU yourself.

bwazy2312d ago

They couldn't hear you, they ignored all the haters.

beast242tru2312d ago

warrior princess i think you should take a few days off from this site and try 2 find ur brain nothing never goes good for you but on topic just leave them alone let them finish the game for christ sake they are getting agitated by the stupidity cuming from some people these guys are most likely college graduates who are experienced in what they do either support them or dnt wtf the game looks great it looks alot better than some of the current games but everytime they post some article we just comment mabe we shud take some time off and let the writers feel stupid because im sure dice aint doing as much talkin as the writing what is going on

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