19 minute Xenoblade Field Exploration video

Nintendo Everything: This video encapsulates the many reasons as to why I’m dying to see this game in North America.

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Burning_Finger2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Looks better than anything on WiiU.

laaakokaracha2410d ago

it is better than any rpg for any next gen console...i tried them all..this beats it!

i wonder if they added content on the chronicals version...I hope they added some more challanges

eagle212410d ago Looks better than anything on Vita Tired of you trolling Nintendo!

Foxgod2410d ago

That makes no sense, on the wii-U this game would run in fullhd.

Magic_Spatula2410d ago

Man I wished that there was a release date announced for NA. Then maybe I'd finally go get my Wii back from my cousin.

NESpower2410d ago

You need it back for Skyward Sword too man.

Spenok2410d ago

Dudes got a point. But this is definitly one of those games that NEEDS to be brought over. Luckily at the very worst we can just import it from EU, since there will be full english voice acting. But that just makes the reasoning to localize it even more obvious.

kesvalk2410d ago

the sound track of this game is awesome...

it's a pity that it's coming to us now, i wanted to play this game some years ago...

8bit_Nes_Rambo2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Simply stunning, especially the final half with the music. I had no idea....

jc485732410d ago

Why should you care?

Well, the game was developed by Monolith who was responsible for projects like Xenosaga and Baten Kaitos. Monolith are composed of former Squaresoft employees who worked on titles like Xenogears and the Chrono Trigger series. The soundtrack that you guys are listening to is also composed by the same guy who was involved in both Xeno and Chrono series.

Tbh, that was my best 20 min of my life. I think Activision needs to shut down because it's company like them that is destroying the industry.

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