I Don't Care What The Reviews Say - I'll Still Play Duke Nukem Forever

Mitch Krpata will still play Duke Nukem Forever, despite the horrible reviews. Why? Because Duke Nukem 3D is a vital part of his past and his life as a gamer.

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THWIP712583d ago

...but it will be a used copy from GameStop, and I'll return if for a full refund within a week.

alien6262583d ago

duke nukem gave me a headache :T

afterMoth2583d ago

Thanks for posting an article telling the world about your horrible tastes in games.

Etseix2583d ago

^^^thank you for posting a comment on an article you hate but care a lot to be in here.

alien6262583d ago

didnt mean to say duke nukem is a bad game btw just it gave me a headache lol

nopunctuation2583d ago

Sorry. I cant hear this article over the sound of my better games.

EVILDEAD3602583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Rented it from Red Box and it confirmed that the reviewers were hating HARD. IMO the sense of nostalgia playing Duke is off the charts.

Now I'm only a quarter of a way through the game, but from what I see if you were a die-hard Duke fan then I'd highly recomment it. For everyone else its definately not in the same leeague as some of the Elite shooters in the game (ie. Halo Reach, COD etc).

At the same time, it's not trying to be. The game doesn't take itself seriously and there are some genuinely funny moments. At the end of the day, give it a rent and you may be pleasantly suprised. I actually will buy Duke in the future. But down the line when the inevitable 10 dollar price cut comes around.


hay2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Actually DNF is one of the best games this year. Doesn't try to be wannabe action movie flick, doesn't try to be hyper realistic, doesn't go with the easy to bred story based on recent events in real world, doesn't try to be realistic.

It's well balanced oldschool shooter. Reminds me a lot of original Half Life.
There are puzzles, mini games, varied gameplay and quite a lot of shooting.

It's FUN. 90s FUN. Most people here were sucking mommy's tits back then and wouldn't know a thing about good game even when it'd slap them in the face.

EVILDEAD3602583d ago

Well said 'hay'..

I salute Gearbox for tackling the IP and keeping what was fun about Duke in the first place. But since the game got hit by the review bash test I expect it to go on sale for 49.99 in the very near future in hopes of garnering another bump I. Sales. I call it the 'Dragon Age 2' effect. Thats when I'll jump back in and continue from by Redbox save. Again worth the buy for fans and I hope the game still finds success.


Substance1012583d ago

"I Don't Care What The Reviews Say - I'll Still Play Duke Nukem Forever"

And you will signal the devs that its ok to release crappy games we will buy anything.

sashimi2583d ago

Well CoD already does that...

lodossrage2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

In some sense I agree with you.

But at the same time, listening to reviews to base your opinion off of rather than your OWN opinion makes people sheep.

And if we haven't learned anything else in these past years, it's that reviewers tend to be swayed if you give them "swag" or there is bias in their so-called opinions.

While I agree Duke Nukem is a lame game. It's because I played it myself first hand and found I didn't like it, not because I listened to some random reviewer that doesn't have the slightest clue of what I like or dislike told me to.

TheMutator2583d ago

i have it , i finish it , i kick ass!!!! play what you fucking want , not what the stupid media says...end of the story

ATiElite2583d ago

that's right! you tellem! Your the Man!

Buy me a copy and that will really showem your the Boss cause I'm not spending one Euro on that crap.

TheMutator2583d ago

you wanna touch it, dont you!!!

acemonkey2583d ago

this topic dont make no sense stop being a fanboy to Duke the game fuckin sucks its already selling for 20+dollors on the internet real games now what real game and a true good game is...this game is 100% duke is dead now shut up

Jack-Dangerously2583d ago

That language is how you lose bubbles bub. Just a friendly heads up.

thrashermario2583d ago

i rather play vampire rain

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