(Sony) "we're more secure than we've ever been"

"All I can tell you is we're more secure than we've ever been, and more focused than we've ever been at it," Sony Computer Entertainment of America president and CEO Jack Tretton said during a Canadian exclusive interview at the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

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Godmars2902311d ago

They have to say it to assure stockholders as well as new/potential SP3 owners. Not that hackers wont take such statements as a sign of arrogance.

Elyxir-pSx2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

AntiSec FTW.

RedDead2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

It would retarded if they weren't. Considering they're security actually failed a short while ago/ Should be common sense basically.

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LunaticBrandon2312d ago

That's good to know if its true but saying that could make someone test it.

Vega752311d ago

yeah sure you are secure this time. i mean you only been hacked 10 times in 2 months and been labeled the most hacked corperation of 2011 and the second biggest hack in the world.


RedDragan2311d ago

Why not? Given what has happened this year I think most people would expect their security to be better than the extreme majority of other systems out there now.

It doesn't mean it is fool proof because no system is unhackable, but you don't think they are not going to try and make sure the same thing doesn't happen again do you?

PSN has been up and running for a few weeks now, and it is still probably being targetted on a daily basis. The hacker groups may be silent but that does not mean they are not knocking on Sony's door.

ginsunuva2311d ago

Sony pictures, sony ericsonn, SCE, etc. aren't one single company.

Bzone242311d ago

They are all under the same umbrella though and lately, that umbrella has had some holes in terms of security.

Jihaad_cpt2311d ago

Bzone, but do you know how corporations work? these companies function as individual entities

Bzone242311d ago

Does that change the fact that multiple Sony entities have been hacked as of late?

Seijoru2311d ago

The PSN hack isn't even in the top 10 when all that was taken were email and home addresses .

Kurisu2311d ago

"People throw their personal data around extensively, but I think they'd prefer to do it voluntarily than have somebody do it for them."

This is so true. I have to say that I have removed my card details from PSN, as I'm not convinced QUITE yet. I will stick to PSN cards for now.

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The story is too old to be commented.