E3 2011: Hitman: Absolution Preview [] "Much like Agent 47, Hitman: Absolution has been silent and mysterious with nothing more than teaser trailers to hold the designated attention of Hitman's fan base. With that being said, the recent announcement that this title will be diluted in its difficulty, didn't necessarily leave a pleasant after taste; that is, until the Hitman: Absolution demo was presented at E3 2011."

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mephman2586d ago

I don't think the demo sounds like it was the best one they could have showed. If the game is quite linear now, that would be pretty crappy.

JDouglasGU2586d ago

apparently is about 50/50 set pieces and exploration.

ShawnCollier2586d ago

It'll be interesting to see how the fans take those changes.

bauer0072585d ago

your just a premium twat whos not a true fan of the franchise

Lord_Sloth2585d ago

Says you. I'm just worried they're gonna change it too much. Part of the charm of the older Hitman and Splinter Cell titles was getting in and out without being seen or heard.
I would leave all of the guards conscious and in tact if I could.

In Conviction, this isn't really feasible in most cases and I'm just worried they're going to do the same with Hitman.

Does wanting a franchise to not lose itself in modern mediocrity make me a "premium twat whose not a true fan of the franchise," or just some1 who enjoys the games for what they were?

bauer0072584d ago

they have already said, silent assassin is returning, you can complete the game without killing anyone but the targets, you really need to get your knowledge up cause for someone whos "worried" about the franchise, you dont know much about the game!

bloodybutcher2586d ago

didnt somebody say that one of agent47 abilities would be something a la ´x ray vision´?he can see through goddamn walls???hopefully it can be turned off...

rowdyBOY2586d ago

i'm pretty sure The same team that made batman is making hitman,hence x-ray vision

lochdoun2586d ago

I want my Hitman games to play like Hitman, not Splinter Cell. This is disgusting.

Don't get me wrong, I love Splinter Cell, but what I liked about Hitman was how different it was from Splinter Cell.