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RayRay362256d ago

I dig the little LED lamps under the buttons.

I_find_it_funny2255d ago

and Im still rocking a fat one maybe it's time for a change

theonlylolking2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

It's phat not fat.


I did not know the PS3 has only 230W. I thought it would be more.

jon12342255d ago

i wish i still had my FAT ps3 :(

WhittO2255d ago

^^ I gave my beaty Phat to my parents and got a slim.
TBH I MUCH preferred my Phat in both looks and performance, the slim gives of an annoying whine lol, even though it is quiet.

Might take my Phat back and upgrade the HDD, only thing the Slim can do is allow control to use my Bravia Remote to control the XMB.

DaTruth2255d ago

I still have my phat... in the coffin under the bed for a year waiting for me to be bothered to send it back to Sony for repair. I was hoping for a pricecut this year so maybe I could get a Slim replacement for next to nothing!

ChrisGTR12255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

oh shit, this is probably sonys answer to the hacks, this one has some hardware changed so its not hackable like its ps3 predecessors

zeeshan2255d ago

Good, now lets see a price cut please! Something tells me PS3 is going to rock in its later years! Imagine a $199 PS3!

moparful992255d ago

So I decided to try and do some self cleaning on my launch 60 gig and I ended up breaking my console.. Do you think sony will let me do an exchange even though my phat is in pieces??? I would love it if they let me.. 150 for a ps3 would make me very happy :)

kharma452255d ago

Not a chance, when you break the warranty seal Sony won't replace it for you.

jon12342255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )


Not true, you have to tell them you opened it, and when you send it to them, if they see that the internal parts havent been tampered with, they can either accept or deny it, i traded a old 60gb , seal broken and the gliksy repair was done on it, i got a new slim from sony.

but in moparful99 case, lol since you broke it, yeah fat chance lol

Livin_in_a_box2255d ago

I've still got my phat and it's going strong. It's not exactly old, though, I bought it in 2009. I have no interest in upgrading because, frankly, I think it's just a waste of money. Though that 80GB HDD is getting squeezed...

Kaz_HiPrice2255d ago Show
HappyGaming2255d ago

Why disagree with "theonlylolking" it really is PS3 Phat not PS3 Fat :P

smartmart2255d ago

Phat 40 gb running 24/7 i never shut it down unless for ifs twice-a-year clearing. It runs [email protected] when I not using it at least 3 hour everyday. Pretty tough hardware, IMHO. In fact, I realized about how much I had used it some days ago when i observed that my ds3 was now showing a glossy finish and the thumbs stick doesn't have texture anymore. The kids also gives the blu-ray a beating with countless disc swap/minutes. Phat ps3's are worth any cents of it's price tag and with retrospective it was priced just right.

RedDead2255d ago

Why exactly is it the Phat? Isn't it called Fat because it is quite large?

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CleanUP-CharliE2255d ago

Great, i just bought a Slim about a week ago...

The_Devil_Hunter2255d ago

@ CleanUP

Man saame here, my 60GB broke and just got a slim about three days ago. Same thing happend to me with the Ipod 3G as soon as I got it the new one was being unveiled.

CleanUP-CharliE2255d ago

Well, for one thing, i'm not in the States. So that means that i just can't "return it" that easily.

f7897902255d ago

Restocking fee, that's why.

Aloren2255d ago

It's not like there's much difference with the new one though...

Kleptic2255d ago

yeah the less power consumption will make no difference unless you leave the thing on non-stop...I also prefer the lights under the buttons as its an easy way to tell if the thing is even on...

just sayin' you're not missing something major by not owning the newest sku...although the HDD is significantly bigger...

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sunnygrg2255d ago

My 60GB launch console is still going strong. Sturdiest console ever.

Peaceful_Jelly2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

you know, I don't know a single person in real life with a still functional PS3 60GB, is only online where I find people that still have one working.

Seriously, what kind of care do you put on that console? Do you use it for long period of times? Do you watch blu-ray on it? Does it has external fans?

What is the secret? Because I had one and I cleaned it once in a while and it was on well ventilated area and one day while playing SSFIIT HD Remix it just died. And I have a friend that barely used it, no more than once a week to play COD3 and it still died. He got so pissed he never bought another console again.

Vitalogy2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Same here! My 60Gb still rocks, though I don't play on it as much as in the beginning, work is ruinning my gaming experience LOL

RatchetandClank2255d ago

Im still going strong on my 40GB. I'll stay with it till the end. Then i will get a newer version.

InLaLaLand2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

I wish my 40gb would load the discs on the XMB but I got a PS3 slim now (brought it this week). There probably be a software update coming soon.

jke822255d ago

my original 60gb kicked last november i got it replaced through sony for a slim with a bigger hard drive ( i used the backwards compatiblity a good bit but i have a ps2 still hooked up so no big loss)

i played the fatty hard all the time but did manage to dust and blow it out a couple of times a month im pretty sure im what killed it though
last summer was particularly hot and my apartment had no ac i gamed it out all summer anyway im sure i over heated it and it finally conked out that november

i did have external fan things on it though and tried to keep it dusted thats really all ya can do though i think the originals are more sensitive to heat and stuff like that so id say concentrate on addressing that issue and you should be able to keep it running
good luck happy gameing man

Horny2255d ago

mine crapped out on me and I replaced it with a slim model. I do miss my 60gb original but the slim is more reliable.

Giru0172255d ago

I still have my 80gb BC MGS4 bundle PS3. Works like a charm. I use it for several hours at a time and it's a smoking house, but it's never had any problems what so ever. I normally open and clean it at the end of each year to remove the dust and see if everything is still running fine.

Only LA NOIR has ever given me problems.

Yukicore2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

It's either you don't play it for long periods of time, you have it in extremely well ventilated and cool area, or both.

Because all Playstation 3 Fat models are in fact over-heating, but it will get noticeable only when the cooling gel, that is spread over the block which contains all hardware, can't do no more.

That is, when it no longer can help you cool down your system and your system just over-heats, Playstation is measuring systems temperature and turning off when it reaches too high temperature, but hardware gets damaged, and then PS3 dies.

On Playstation 3 Slim console this problem is resolved.