LulzSec: Hack Attacks Will Continue Until Group Caught

In a catch-me-if-you-can explanation of why it has targeted the likes of Sony, the U.S. Senate, an FBI affiliate, and online porn sites, the LulzSec hacking group says it plans to keep having fun until it gets caught.

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Shackdaddy8362588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Why would you do this? They can get 5-20 years. It's basically destroying your life for nothing.

theonlylolking2587d ago

They think it will be worth it as long as they get some lulz out of it.

Legionaire20052588d ago

Fu*ck LulSec and Anonymous their are the a*sshole who don't put their talents to good use. These guys should be going after the Banksters who steal our money during the recession. I am talking about those Wall Street Elitist who have bags and bags of money. More than we can get in a life time. Why mess with Sony and others when you have these evil men ruling the world lol.

Jack-Dangerously2588d ago

Putting * in between your profanity doesn't change a thing. Most people replace a letter or two with a * ...

Just some friendly advice. Not trying to be rude. You can still get bubbles taken away.

plmkoh2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Really only those ignorant of how our business world works or those who just want to go witch hunting for recession culprits blame rich bankers, because they are simply too easy to blame.

Reality is bankers are given that much money because they generate 1000 times more, they are given a slice of the pie so they themselves bear risk, I mean would you be willing to work harder if you were a business owner?

CEO/Banker overpayment is also a myth (except in the few extreme cases of financial fraud) most of these contracts are made prior to their appointment, in which case it would only be fair to pay them what they have agreed to, I mean would it be fair to you if someone paid you your agreed wage only to have some of it taken away later because someone was in the opinion that it was too much.

Legionaire20052588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )


Dude you are so uninformed so much that you don't have a clue on whats going on. They made a huge risk that could of been avoided,(we would never had a recession) well it cause many people to lose their jobs along with predatory loans in the housing market, effecting the world economy and etc. There is even talks of the crisis in Greece might hurt America. You know what watch this documentary called "Inside Job." This documentary will change your mind about the Banksters.

Here is a trailer to Inside Job:

DeadIIIRed2587d ago

Seriously? Did you start living under a rock in the 80's? The whole reason we're in this slump is because of unethical (and just plain dumb) risks taken by these banks. What did they think would happen when bus drivers began defaulting on their $800,000 loan?

FlashXIII2588d ago

Couldn't agree more.. they keep going for small fries or pointless BS. They're like the haemorrhoids of the internet.. a real pain in the ass but eventually go away.

If they wanna be hacktivists, go do some actual good for people instead of acting all high and mighty when they target a bunch of silly little companies who clearly wouldn't feel the need to have advanced internet security.

plmkoh2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )


I don't have to watch some well known bias documentary, I've studied Business for 4 years I know how the system works including first hand experience of the industry.

The "predatory loans" that you have mentioned is a culture spun by George Bush pushing for all Americans to take up a loan to buy a home (the American dream) by opening new lenders such as Fannie Mae, quite amicable however in the end people have bad credit because quite simply they are inherently bad customers, who were given a second chances.

This then caused a chain reaction of bad debts when those customers couldn't pay thus caused Financial Banks who naturally work on credit to never receive their money back, lenders for those banks then suffered.

The Greek debt crisis isn't really related, but rather a spin-off. The problem of Greece has been long in the making particularly because it is part of an EU with a universal fiscal policy that doesn't fit Greece's less than stellar inherent economy. In fact Greece is really only staying a float thanks to huge loans from the same fat cats we so lovingly bash.

Legionaire20052587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )


Let me tell you about Bush LOL!!! and why I hate him so much. This man lied about the Weapons of Mass Destruction,(the main reason why he went to war in Iraq) and Joke about it in this Correspondents' Dinner back in 2004. Many people there laugh at his bad jokes about the lie that started the war and many troops are dying because of it. Billions of dollars was spend on the war and it also cause this recession.

Thats the main reason why I hate his a**!!! People in many countries in Europe and elsewhere hate the man. Some like Geneva, Switzerland want to arrest him if he set foot there, the only president with that issue. It took him a long time to realize that we were in a reccession, and he left that mess for Obama to deal with. That Bailout just cover the Bankster a**es and didn't even help the economy get better. His Bush tax cuts only make them much richer than they already is, while the poor get poorer and turn into dangerous criminals. They own the government. It also explains why Obama still have the Bush Tax cuts in effect, instead of tax cuts for the middle class and the poor. Why cause they control the government that's why they get what they want. Its a Wall Street Government, they have the American economy by the balls.

nickjkl2587d ago

wait you cant curse on n4g well shit fuck

Legionaire20052587d ago

you will lose a bubble some one told me lol

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Kran2588d ago

Im sorry, what? Put your lives at risk of the police just so you can make a fool of everybody? Sorry but you're making a fool of yourselves.

DanteKnightsTemplar2588d ago

but if their caught. they should be burned like the witches

evrfighter2587d ago

their only purpose is to get people talking like this guy

WooHooAlex2588d ago

Which will be very soon.

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