Top 10 Largest Vertical Game Worlds [PICS]

We fool around in a bunch of big game worlds. Fire up a copy of Fallout 3 and you’re greeted with wasteland as far as the eye can see. The land of Cyrodiil, with its huge surface area, never fails to impress. What these games lack, however, is vertical ambition. Sure they stretch for a long way across the ground, but do they ever let you take to the sky? In honour of man’s constant ambition to get off the ground, here are the top ten game worlds that let you soar high in the sky.

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RedDead2442d ago

1: Mercenaries 2
2: GTA4
3: Assassins creed 2
4: Banjo Kazooie
5: Super Mario 64
6: Spiderman 2
8: Microsoft flight sim X
9: Pilot wings resort
10: Just Cause 2

I hate websites that make you click 10 pages to see the article

gameseveryday2442d ago

Good examples but there is one game that's larger than all of these by an order of magnitude. That game is Battleground Europe: WWII Online.

It's a combined-arms war simulator that offers everything from the fps experience (as one of many types of infantry) to tanks, aircraft, and AT/AA guns. There's even a Naval option. Draw a line from England to Frankfurt, Germany. Then draw another one from Den Haag, Holland to St. Menehould, France. This is the space covered by this game at half-scale.

rabidpancakeburglar2442d ago

The article isn't actually largest though, it's just the top games. I dunno why the guy submitting has put that as the title.

ATiElite2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

technically most of these fail in comparison to any Ten flight or Space Sim games on the PC.

Microsoft Flight and Pilot wings resort are cool but the rest of these games are tiny compared to Orbiter Space Flight Simulator where you launch from Kennedy space center an actually take the rough and dangerous 8 minute trip to Orbit.

Hell even Arma II is bigger horizontally and Vertically than these games. i played a mod using a U2 Spy plane at 70,000 feet in Arma II.

Thanks RedDeadDestroyer for the list bubble + helpful as I hate that website too.

MicrocutsX22442d ago

They seem to have forgotten Spore, that will take you from the microbiological level to the point where you can zoom out and see the entire galaxy.

Minecraft, on the other hand, definitely does NOT make this list. Though the map may be six times the area of the earth, it's only 128 meters tall from deepest bedrock to highest mountain.

Winkle922442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

I think Infinity beats every single one of these. Though it hasn't been released. Check it out. Seamlessly fly from the ground into space. Hawt Damn.


Bodster2442d ago

Just... WOW! How haven't I seen that before? haha, fantastic tech demo, hopefully it'll be released soon :)

Yukicore2442d ago

AMAZING! I bet this footage was on Super-mega-computer, with 2x 1GB Video-cards, 16GB RAM etc.

Winkle922442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Haha well they have a combat tech demo meant to test out the flight system they're integrating. So you can download it and test it and see. :P

Raendom2442d ago

In those screenshots, Spiderman 2 looks better than GTA IV, imo. O_O