Battlefield 3 Recoil "Very much in line with 2142's style"

Demize99 says that Battlefield 3 Recoil is very much in line with 2142's style.

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Shackdaddy8362443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Thank you, Danke, and Merci DICE :)

I loved the recoil in 2142. It was perfect for me.

Seems like DICE is taking a lot of the good things from each BF game. I hope they add an aircraft carrier/battleship-titan mode-type game too.

thugbob2443d ago

I watched a little bit of video and the recoil seemed nonexistent to me. Now I'm worried about BF3. I need to try BF3 myself now to see if you have manage recoil via burst fire or if you can just hold the trigger and spray which takes no skill at all.

Shackdaddy8362443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Oh, there's recoil. In fact, if you're constantly firing in full auto then you won't hit a thing (Been a while, but I remember that if you fired in burst too fast then you would become very inaccurate also). It isn't as bad as the machine guns sometimes were in BF2 though. It just felt...right.

Pandamobile2443d ago

The console version looks like it has a lot less recoil to balance out the inaccuracy of the thumbsticks.

deadpoole2442d ago

I wanna know what anti aliasing tech they are using for PS3 version.

soundslike2442d ago

that's nonsense

it would be harder to hit a target with a super lazer beam accuracy gun on console then it would be to use one with a bigger, sometimes random, spread. The randomness of recoil makes hitting things easier on thumbsticks.

Just look at UT3 and tell me that less recoil means better for thumbsticks.

Getowned2442d ago

if it plays anything like BFBC2 i will be happy,sad to say i missed out on 2142.

TheIneffableBob2442d ago

Did not play a whole lot of 2142, but from what I remember of it the guns felt pretty good. Having the recoil style similar to that in BF3 shouldn't be a bad thing.

awi59512442d ago

That weapon in the video was the carbine it has low recoil but less power.

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solar2442d ago

i loved 2142. it was a good game in conquest. glad to hear the recoil will be back and good.

Nicaragua2442d ago

I think 2142 was the best of the series - but then again i just have a thing for bipedal mecha tanks and flying fortresses.

solar2442d ago

hehe Nicaragua.

i had tons of fun with BF2 and 2142. i really cant put one over the other. sniping runners with the Rourch was one of my fav moments in MP gaming.

awi59512442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

The m4 carbine has very little recoil its easy to handle.

Thats whats in the BF3 video

aznrunner18812442d ago

Console BF3 doesn't even have dynamic shadows D:

Fishy Fingers2442d ago

Dear god... Who could possibly have fun with a game that doesnt even have dynamic shadows.

captain-obvious2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

didnt BC2 had dynamic shadows ??
dont know i think it had
dont care tho as long as i can see the shadows of other players
which helps in alot of times to know whats going around you

mastiffchild2442d ago

@fishy-don't be too hard. I think we're all still gutted dice pulled the "Active Battle Smell" feature they planned for the PC version , aren't we? People bound to look for every PC extra in the face of losing this prime gaming aide.

aznrunner18812442d ago

lol doesn't mean it can't be fun. Just detracts from the realism they seem to be trying to achieve.

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Baka-akaB2442d ago

i guess console gamers can thank their dynamic brains , allowing them to adapt to such a tremendous loss /s

callmedom942442d ago

Dynamic or no dynamic shadows, I certainly don't care. AS long as the game looks good and it is fun, I am fine!

TheIneffableBob2442d ago

You sure about that? The new Frostbite uses a deferred renderer so I'm pretty sure there will be dynamic shadows in at least some areas of the game.

NarooN2442d ago

What the HELL does that have to do with recoil?

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Theo11302442d ago

I just hope they allow for Day/Night lighting change on maps.

joydestroy2442d ago

that is a great idea! i think that would be cool

BeOneWithTheGun2442d ago

Hell yeah. Makes me remember the old Ghost Recon maps. Man, those night ones were fun.

EazyC2442d ago

There should be.

Remember those day/night cycles of NYC in BF 3 that DICE made? Could be evidence!

There is a strong chance of this being in MP if they have made the feature in the first place.

*heres hoping!*

AstroZombie12442d ago

A much is it's nice I really wish sites would stop pulling quotes from twitter and simply putting some text in and submitting it as news kinda annoying.

cool cole2442d ago

Are people really THIS obsessed with the game that they actually care how the recoil is going to be?

callmedom942442d ago

You'd be surprised. Every element, people want to know about it

clearelite2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Recoil is a very important part of the immersion, realism, and satisfaction given from developing skill and pulling off sweet kills.

If you've ever fired a real gun, or experienced the addictive game play of counterstrike it would make more sense.

To me, having no recoil is almost like being on rails, or platforming where all the jumps are timed and executed perfectly for you.

If a shooter doesn't have good recoil mechanics it is simply not realistic and this game seems to be very much about realism.

TheIneffableBob2442d ago

For a SHOOTING game, I'd think recoil is pretty important.

Asgaro2442d ago

Recoil IS important!

I always want a game where you need to get used to each weapon. Understand the handling, understand the recoil and master it! :)

CoD on the contrary: every damn child can pick up a weapon and be instantly a pro...

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