Sodium 2: Project Velocity Review (GoozerNation)

Right from the start, I know what you’re thinking: PlayStation Home is cool and all, and so are it's inner games. However, I want a full blown gaming experience in my free time. Well, what if I told you Sodium 2: Project Velocity does just that? I had my doubts, but as soon as I started playing it I felt like I was playing an expensive, high quality PSN game.

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TheDivine2499d ago

Wow not one person gives half a shi* about ps home? It is pretty lame as is but games like this are whats needed. Home has soo much potential for great games/experiences. I liked the kz3 minigames they has and how it brought people together. Hopefully we see more dev embrace home and sony start really supporting it with events, tournaments, and ways to bring ps3 gamers together to make a better community. This looks as good as wipeout.

bustercube2499d ago

Sounds cool, I'll have to try it out

Knushwood Butt2499d ago

I've not fired up Home for months. Probably over a year in fact.

I've been meaning to give it another go for a while now, so this is a good opportunity.