CVG- Dead Island: Left 4 Dead copycat or much more?

CVG: "It gives us no pleasure to plunge the pin into Dead Island's bubble but it needs to be said: all of the hype up until now has been wholly misdirected. People wowed by the trailer are getting excited over a fallacy - Dead Island never was, and never will be, anything like the events depicted in that extraordinarily well-made (if manipulative) short. The real game is actually a slower version of Left 4 Dead crossed with first-person bashers such as Condemned.

It's going to be incredibly tough for Techland to funnel the 'emotion' people have been talking so rabidly about into the game (Sony's Team Ico is the only studio who've managed such a thing with any degree of success). Is Dead Island honestly going to be more real and more visceral than all the many many other zombie games in history, as Techland claims?"

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NukaCola2404d ago

If anything, it's a Borderland game with Zombies and weapons modding. The RPG elements of (+XP/-HP) flying out everywhere when you shoot takes away from the scariness, but the overall experience of an open world RPG is welcoming. Plus it focuses a lot on melee which outside of Condemned, isn't as focused on in a FPS as I'd like.

Theparanerds2404d ago

There is room for more :)

Solid_Dave2404d ago

I seriously doubt that Dead Island will be anything like Left 4 Dead. The screenshots and trailers all show a very bright and vibrant island, where L4D was very dark and gloomy. Also Dead Island is an open world RPG, L4D was very linear.

Kakihara2404d ago

I'd say Far cry zombie mod.

Kleptic2403d ago

well the awkward zoom in conversations point more towards Oblivion w/ zombies that anything...and I'm saying Oblivion over Fallout 3 because they were awkward and crappy in fallout 3 too...Oblivion introduced that wierdness all the way back in 2005...

GT_Ken2404d ago

Has the writer even played the game? If not, he should really hold his opinion.

I played it at E3, and while it needed a little polish (we were playing pre-alpha), the game was nothing short of phenomenal.

Yes. It is a mix of condemned and L4D. Personally, I felt that L4D lacked substance. DI did not. A huge open world, Nuka got it right when he said it was more Borderlands. Honestly, I didn't like that game much either, but it seems to have taken the best of Borderlands, the best of Condemned, and the best of L4D to make a truly stellar title.

@Nuka: Also, you can turn off the exp/hp pop ups. I agree with you, they are very annoying, and detract from the experience, so I'm happy I can turn them off.

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The story is too old to be commented.