The Wii U Controllers Biggest Flaw?

This subtle change to the standardize controller design appears to have gone vastly unnoticed so far. Click the link below to see a new insight into Nintendo's new controller.

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thugbob2405d ago

lmao nice find. People will adjust though.

ATiElite2404d ago

I don't see that as a flaw.

The real flaw is I don't think you can use two WiiU controllers at the same time.

rdgneoz32404d ago

To the disagrees for ATiElite

"The Wii U supports just one touch-screen controller per console, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed." -

I was hoping for 2 at least for some 2 play co-op games or split screen shooter games.

Kaz_HiPrice2404d ago Show
SilentNegotiator2404d ago

So any developer who wants to include splitscreen multiplayer, will basically be REQUIRED to have touchcontroller and Wiimote controls?

That'll go over well.

The think the bigger issue than which way your thumb goes to touch the "letter buttons", is what your thumb will be pulling away from;

Not an analogue stick, but nubs. Gamers have already made it clear that they don't like the nub.

RedDead2404d ago

Dunno how I didn't see it..although I agree people will adjust, worked out alight for the Xbox changing the left stick

Klaykid1232404d ago

Get used to using the D-Pad and Function buttons with your palm.

theredsquire2404d ago

haha surprised no-ones mentioned that before

baxy-z2404d ago

I thought of this a few days ago. Will be interesting to see how it works out.

doctorstrange2404d ago

With the 3DS (on the left at least)

jacksonmichael2404d ago

Well that doesn't make any difference at all. We've had the left analog above the dpad multiple times before. This is new.

Anyway, yeah... why had this not come up before? This was the first thing I noticed.

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The story is too old to be commented.