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Freedom. Most games are restrictive, taking their time to show the player the ropes and introduce them to the mechanics in a slow but sure manner. White Knight Chronicles II is not one of those games.

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Abash2559d ago

Nice, getting it when it comes to NA

femshep2559d ago

heck yeah....august seems so far away

SoundGamer2559d ago

That's why I'm importing it. That and Origins/Dogma Wars hasn't been announced for the US yet.

I'll import both.

execution172559d ago

if you import wkc2 you wont be able to play the online portion of the game because the online code is kinda region locked

sunnygrg2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

It has been pushed back to September. That is according to the official D3 WKC facebook page.

[EDIT] Link:

WildArmed2559d ago

Oh noes :(
That's the worst news I've heard all summer, Sunny

What am I going to do now >.>
I had planned to end my social life in August... but i guess I'll have to put up w/ it for another month.

FamilyGuy2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Wow, "targeting September" is HORRIBLE news!

This review was fairly in-depth but it's a shame none of the reviewers get to try the online portion. The Georama (town) making would have made sense to him then. He also missed the Holy element, only said "fire, water, air or earth". Other than that it's a very lengthy review explaining what's good and bad about the game. Too bad more reviewers don't go into as much detail.

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InLaLaLand2559d ago

It is out in the EU but I will eventually buy it when I finish the games I have at the moment. It's a good deal when you get two games on one disc (I haven't played the first WKC).

zackacloud2559d ago

ign will give it 6 because of graphics and blap blap blaaa, in other hand 10s or 9s for shooooooters because they afraid from their fans even if it the crappy cod.

i will kill ign if they give it lower than 7.5

clearelite2559d ago

The bad part is that some people actually take these reviewers seriously. The good part is that the unethical ones will probably become irrelevant in one way or another.

I really don't know if I have enough money for all these games, but I will DEFINITELY be picking this up at some point.

WildArmed2559d ago

IGN tends to butcher JRPGs.
I lol when people bring up innovative in JRPGs and call it stale.

At least JRPGs have different combat systems / equipment / stat system from game to game.
Most of the reviewers don't knock off anything for FPS games regardless of how much of a clone they may be.

InLaLaLand2559d ago

I agree, I remember the Yakuza 4 review from IGN, what a joke that was. Greg Miller will be the reviewer for WKC 2.

Raendom2559d ago

I'll buy this tomorrow I need a huge RPG and having 2 games in one will be a bonus <:3

Hockeydud192559d ago

You'll be set for the rest of the summer haha.

Spenok2559d ago

I want this game. I really enjoyed the first. Cant wait for this.