Demon's Souls Isn't Too Difficult After All

Rising to glory and defeating the beast known as Demon’s Souls makes William Pansky conclude that it’s not too difficult after all.

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Focker4202562d ago

The first playthrough was the most difficult, but after you learn the patterns of all the enemies it becomes easier. Still hard though, especially w/ black soul/world tendency and the black phantoms start coming around

malandra2561d ago

when this generation is over Demon's Souls will remain on the top five

no other game gives you the sense of triumph this game does when you finally beat some bastard boss that killed you so many times and so easily before

I really hope that after Dark Souls there's a proper Demon's Souls 2

nopunctuation2561d ago

God of War 3 on Titan mode is 10 times harder than Demon Souls.

digitalivan2561d ago

Agree, but survival isn't based that much on skill, like it is in Demon's Souls.

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-Alpha2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

It really wasn't as hard as some fans hyped it. More than anything, it was rewarding. That's just what the best experience was. These days gameplay is cheap, holds your hand, and feels worn off. Demon's Souls upheld tension, patience, awareness, and persistence.

It wasn't uber difficult. In fact, it got easier as you played, which is my only real complaint. But those beginning hours were very hard, and that was just refreshing to see.

DigitalAnalog2561d ago

Demon's Souls isn't about being "hard". It's about learning how to kick ass while getting your ass kicked.

You can find yourself fighting in a narrow ledge, by the cliffside, fighting a ridiculously strong skeleton while avoiding strikes from a mutated sting-ray only to get killed by a douchebag (black phantom player) with intentions to truly make life even more misrable to you by shooting arrows from the other side, forcing you to accept that all the effort gathered to this point is going to hell. By then you could instantly feel the moment where you say "NOW THIS IS F*CKING HARDCORE" , becuase you know FULLY well that you signed up for this.

-End statement

9thGenHero2561d ago

I seriously raged hard at epic deaths, but man, I felt like I was king of the world when I beat a boss, I would pass and shout in victory, love that feeling

MidnytRain2561d ago

I celebrate my gaming victories by performing pelvic thrusts out my bathroom window.


RayRay362561d ago

That my friend, is good fucking comedy.

manman62561d ago

Demon's Soul isn't that hard if you don't run around acting like acting a badass.

meganick2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Even if you're really careful, it's still harder than like 99 percent of other games of recent times. Bring on Dark Souls!

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