Outland Review: Dark or Light?

Nerd Reactor: Do you like platformers? Do you like Ikaruga? If so, Outland is a game that might fit your bill. Developed by the amazing team at Housemarque (who also developed the mindlessly fun Dead Nations and puzzlingly addictive Super Stardust series), Outland is a mash up of several genres and mixes it into one challenging, but thoughtful package. But ultimately the question is: Is it fun to play?

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NukaCola2561d ago

Game is totally MetroidVania. Bosses are crazy challenging too. I love it. Best downloadable game this year.

B_Rian892561d ago

This game came out of no where for me. I saw one video and tried the demo and ended up buying it. It's really great and has nice graphics

HeavenlySnipes2561d ago

Freakin awesome. Gonna get a $20 PSN card, get KZ3 map pack on the 22nd then buy this game for sure.

BoNeSaW232561d ago

WOW! This game is AWESOME!!!
And i've only played the demo. The art direction and style is phenomenal and controls are tight and feel good. I am definitely gonna purchase soon. Anyone know how long the campaign is?