Potential Release Dates for Summer of Arcade Games?

Microsoft sent out an e-mail stating that this year, the famous “Summer of Arcade” will debut on July 20th and will feature, as usual, five great games to be released in the space of five weeks.

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PureDarkness2533d ago

I'm a bit annoyed that one of the summer of arcade games is being wasted on what will most likely be a rubbish Kinect game.

GodGinrai2533d ago

agreed. especially when radiant silvergun, guardian heroes or street fighter 3 would have been better inclusions. lookin forward to insanely twisted shadow planet, bastion and from dust. the new toy soldiers looks ok but id need to finish the first one before i consider cold war. that kinect ninja slicing game looks lame!

TheStonedSheep2533d ago

I hope so, the summer looks as dry as ever.

Lavalamp2533d ago

I don't get why they're refraining from letting us know what the dates will be. I mean, wouldn't it help to better inform the consumer so they can plan out which to purchase ahead of time and prepare their Microsoft Points balance? Or do they try to focus on those people who buy off impulse and whim?

GodGinrai2533d ago

"Or do they try to focus on those people who buy off impulse and whim?"

I think they use the weekly sales for that. MS have bagged my impulse buying habits with those on a few occasions.last four weeks have been shitty.why do people still buys cod maps? and last week it was all rock band stuff..jeez! if your listening MS; i dont want COD DLC or halo....or rock band...gimme an SNK sale already!

Lylat_642533d ago

Finally some good Arcade games Half Minute Hero this month, then From Dust and Bastion next month, cant wait!