Naughty Dog Isn't Afraid To Kill Uncharted Favourites, So Who Will Die In Uncharted 3?

Dan Curtis of GamerGaia writes: Remember the shock you felt when Sephiroth leapt from the ceiling and impaled everyone's favourite flowergirl Aerith upon his excessively long but epicly awesome blade? I do - it was the first time a game shocked me to the very core by killing off one of the main protagonists I'd come to love over the several hours I'd already spent with the game. Moments like that don't come around often, most of the time you simply expect your heroes to survive the game and be victorious at the end.
One such example of this is the Uncharted franchise, which showcases our favourite heroes being shot at more times than anyone has ever been shot at ever (and that includes James Bond) and still they end up surviving the game. However that may soon be about to change as developers Naughty Dog have said that they aren't in the least bit scared to kill off our Uncharted favourites - perhaps we're in for a shock at the end of this year when Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception...

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pixboy2560d ago

Killing Elena may add to the progression of Drake as a character, so I'm going to say that she dies... I really dont want to see Sully die! :P

Iroquois_Pliskin2560d ago

make sure not to kill Drake or Sully ND

blitz06232560d ago

I think it's still too early for Drake to die. If anyone's gonna be killed in U3, it's gonna be Sully

rezzah2560d ago

Sully is the teacher, so it would make sense for him to go as a character to build Drake further.

You don't just kill off a charatcer that the main loves (unless it is to further a plot of revenge).

Sully has lived his life teaching drake and has taught him all that he knows. So it would make perfect sense for him to die IF anyone dies at all...........

Anyone notice one of the enemies looks like Drake? I think its Drakes father or older brother.

karl2560d ago

i hope its Elena.. Sully makes more sense but if someone has to die i just dont want it to be him..

and yeah. one of the bad guys looks too much like drake ...

hmm.. i would actually prefer no one to die.. but that wouldnt be such a great story right?

Hisiru2560d ago

As much as I love Elena as a character, I just can't see Sully die, so I choose Elena to die.

I_find_it_funny2560d ago

Drake won't die, Uncharted will be long running series. Just because they said so doesnt mean one of four main character dies.

starcb262560d ago

How bout they bring back eddy and kill him?

Focker4202560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Killing Sully would be the obvious choice. I doubt ND would take that route. I expect them to kill off Chloe or Elena (most likely Elena unfortunately)

Tank_Commander_E62560d ago

Don't you f**king dare touch any of the main characters ND!

Deputydon2560d ago

1:25-1:30 in the 'Drake's Fear' trailer definitely makes it look like we are gonna say goodbye to Sully. Tears, they will be shed.

bloodybutcher2560d ago

i think it might be sully...first of all in u2 thez did this ´oh,elena is dead...oh wait,she is not´ thing,it just doesnt fly with me to kill her now...and sully seems to play bigger part in this installment,so him dying would have bigger impact.i think.

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LOGICWINS2560d ago

^^If it fits the story, Drake and Sully could get shot in the face for all I care.

I'm fine with ND killing off long as its for a good reason.

2560d ago
LocO_o2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Kill Drake and replace him with his metro sexual twin brother.

Edit: It twas a joke poeple.

On topic: I love the uncharted series but hated that none of the good guys ever died. Sully is old so he can kick the bucket in UC3.

zeeshan8102560d ago

That will make Drake more mad and he will take revenge. OMG I can't wait :P

LocO_o2560d ago

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KwietStorm2560d ago

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Heartnet2560d ago

Nawh u want elena to live!

Sully isnt that gr8. didnt really play a massive role in the second game :)

theonlylolking2560d ago

I want Drake to die if anyone. I think Sully should not die because that teacher dying thing is overused.

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pungello882560d ago

I hope so, I hate when main characters die. It's engaging for sure but I still don't like it.

ps3bestever2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Without doubt, Elena Fisher will die in a brutal melee fight ! :(

rmoar2560d ago

As long as Drake lives, I'll be cool with anyone else dying.

Nitrowolf22560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Anyone think Drake gonna have a Son and its gonna go the Red Dead Redemption way?

[email protected]2560d ago

yeah, of course... i can see Nathan rescue his son from the evul hands of some bad guy. so, yeahhh i thought the same at some point.

KwietStorm2560d ago

Let's just hope Drake's son isn't a whiny little bitch.