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nintendolife: "Unlike Excitebike's temporary free price of admission, Pokédex 3D is free for the foreseeable future, so there's no real reason for Pokéfans not to give it a fair shake. In fact, it's surprisingly well featured for a freebie, making use of many of the console's features to bring the critters to life."

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xgame2588d ago

8/10 is too high of a score. I would give it 0!

jacksonmichael2588d ago

I wouldn't give any free thing a zero... unless it was a punch in the face. Or a Halo tshirt.

Shackdaddy8362588d ago

My friend would love this. Lol.

CaliforniaWave2588d ago

I think it sets the bar at a nice level for free software on the eShop. Keep good stuff like this coming, and free!