happy halloween from naughty dog

Uncharted Drake's Fortune has gone off to manufacturing so for a halloween treat a brand new trailer.and as a added treat uncharted will be released in north america on nov 19th a day early. then expected

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TheExecutive3913d ago

That trailer was unbelievable. This game is looking stunning. Happy Holloween.

IdontTakeSides3913d ago

NO this game is stunning..not even a year into the PS3's life and we have games of this calibur....NOW THAT'S UNBELIEVABLE..!!

b777conehead3913d ago

i can not wait to get this game a day one purchace for me.

Baba19063913d ago

holy crap thats amazing. =D wowowowowowow cant wait, omg please please please. *SPEECHLESS*

CaliGamer3913d ago

I like how this game is looking, seems like an excellent story, and the technology in the game is very impressive. I'll be getting an HDTV probably by the end of the year so this should look very good on that.

Sony is doing what it needs to do, slow start just like PS1 and 2, but then the gems keep rolling out, but did I need to tell the PS faithful this? Should be very good.

Day one purchase for me also.

solidt123913d ago

This game is looking Great, and the environments is some of the best I have seen to date. Another Day one purchase here. I have mine Pre-ordered already.

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The story is too old to be commented.