E3 2011: TERA Impressions [RPGSite]

A fascinating political system rounds out one of the most ground-breaking online games to come out in a long time as Zack gives his impressions of the demo for TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea given at E3 2011.

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zeal0us2500d ago

If only this game was f2p. Well there always hope for Archage or Blade and Soul then again most high-end Korean MMOs are usually P2p.

Karuto2500d ago

TERA definitely has a monthly subscription. Almost certain Blade and Soul will not be F2P. Considering the fact that both it and ArcheAge are being created with these giant budgets, I would say they would also be P2P. The fact that so many of these online games are moving to a F2P format however leads me to believe that these publishers are leaving the options on the table, possible going the Guild Wars route where you pay the full price for the boxed copy and have an item shop in-game.

Sidology2500d ago

This game is going to be MASSIVE.

ATiElite2500d ago

This game is gonna be totally freakin AWESOME massive on a super mega scale. it will be well worth the $15 a month.

yeh yeh yeh blah blah blah Guild Wars 2 as i know somebody is gonna come in here and say something about it or stick figure animation the Old Republic.