Platformcraft - a freeware 2D mining game

An attempt to distil some gameplay elements from Minecraft into a 2D game, with gameplay elements from several classic games added to the mix as well.

Something of an experiment, but feedback for the developer is always useful.

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HeavenlySnipes2463d ago

never seen anything like this before. I think this game could bring lots of people into the genre of mining games.


sulack2463d ago

...This better be like pre pre pre alpha planning stage... Seems like something that a 16 y/o would make for his Tech Ed class.

Takoulya2463d ago

I just played it... worst piece of crap ever. Seriously, you're better off not even remembering this game's existence.

Pikajew2463d ago

Dont waist your time on this

wallis2463d ago

It's a real waist of thyme alright.

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