Activision’s Call of Duty and Electronic Arts’ Madden Franchises Face Major Lawsuits

This year is shaping up to be a whopper when it comes to video game lawsuits. Two of the biggest video game publishers, Activision and Electronic Arts, find key franchises the subject of litigation. On top of that, Activision is suing EA for its recruitment of Jason West and Vincent Zampella while they were still under contract at Infinity Ward. And this month also will have the Supreme Court’s decision on Brown v. the Entertainment Merchants Association – a decision that will influence the entire video game industry.

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Dart892584d ago

So what do Vince and Jason get if they win the lawsuit other than the royalties they are owed??

Baka-akaB2584d ago

Would be very funny if they get the modern wafare brand as well , and then continues it at EA.

But unlikely i guess

dangert122584d ago

would be nice EA would would look after it more activision who should actually seem to care for what is there crown jewel

MidnytRain2583d ago

That would be GIGATON. The millions of annual CoD customers wouldn't be the wiser. Activision got lucky with one hit game and that set them for life. EA would see a mammoth boost in profits while Activision scrambles around for a solution. That would be VERY interesting.

gamingdroid2584d ago

The royalties are likely to be substantially less than what Vince/Jason is going to claim in damages. Unfortunately, that is standard practice....

femshep2584d ago

whew get this trial on the road maybe call of duty will have to be pulled from releasing.....then again thats just a dream activision will screw over everyone and have the courts paying them to even talk about call of duty

beastgamer2584d ago

4 billion for a programmer. wtf!

Biggest2584d ago

As big as the Madden franchise is, I can not believe that guy is owed anything near 4 billion.

beastgamer2584d ago

not even 400million
Madden isn't even worth that much.
Madden hasn't even sold nowhere near 4 billion yet.

BeastlyRig2583d ago

yes we must learn to program now!!

Burning_Finger2584d ago

Those greedy mutha *****rs.

They are all the same.

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