DICE Dev: Some 'Console gamers have really no idea' on what a modern PC is capable of

GB: "I dont know why but some PlayStation 3 fans are disappointed by the recent demonstration of Battlefield 3. According to us it looked pretty phenomenal and come cant really expect it be out perform a full blown gaming PC."

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fluffydelusions2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

This guy speaks the truth, though the keyword is "some"

gamingdroid2287d ago

That is because console manufacturers are holding us back, they need to release a new console NOW!

Developers are trying to squeeze juice out of stones at this point. A new console, will instantly give you a leap that only PC gamers can enjoy if the game is optimized. There aren't many, but they do exist.

Jezuz2287d ago

YES, everyone who just bought a PS3 has enough money to buy another next gen console. SO OBVIOUS !


ct032287d ago

Well, Jezuz, if you "just" bought a PS3 then I really don't sympathize. I'd never drop several hundred dollars on 5 year old hardware.
I'd rather save up a little longer and buy something more up-to-date.

stevenhiggster2287d ago

Actually, its the developers holding themselves back. Why don't they make PC the lead platform and then scale back the console versions as required? That is what DICE are clearly doing and hopefully now that they have it will open the gates to more devs doing the same. And only when that starts to happen will console manufacturers sit back and think "hmmm... maybe we need to get some new hardware out sooner than later.
But like I said, consoles aren't holding back PC development, developers are holding back PC development.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2287d ago

Old tired argument. PS3 isnt holding PC back any more than Wii is holding PS3 back.

Anyway, The game is looking phenomenal.

gamingdroid2287d ago

"YES, everyone who just bought a PS3 has enough money to buy another next gen console. SO OBVIOUS !

/s "

... and after an new console is introduced the current consoles are instantly obsolete. You may no longer play games on your "new" PS3, the PS3 will seize to exist and no more games will be released or sold!


Let's not cater to the lowest denominator. Otherwise we would all be playing on the Wii right now. I like the Wii, but it ain't a replacement for my Xbox 360/PS3.

malandra2287d ago

show us then

I don't see anything on PC now that far from what consoles can do, including Witcher 2 and Battlefield 3

most sites agree that U3 was the best looking game at the show, how can that be?

pangitkqb2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

The Battlefield 3 demo on PS3 looked great. If you want an even better looking version, get the game on PC.

The fact is, I love my PS3 and game on it all the time. HOWEVER, the Gaming PC i'm typing this message on is about 5 - 6 times MORE powerful than my PS3. Guess which platform consistently pulls off sharper visuals?

awi59512287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Yeah uncharted doesnt come near witcher 2 on uber thats crazy sauce. The lighting engine in witcher 2 would blow up the ps3 like the death star. With 3 gpu in my pc im just running at 45 fps @1080p. It would take like 2 580's or 570's to max witcher at 60fps. Uncharted games look nice but the texture work on witcher 2 is crazy and the huge draw distances. And the crazy thing is witcher 2 is only direct x9. If it had direct x 11 all the textures would look 5 times better.

That's why i want to know how much direct x11 support will BF3 have. Because it takes flat textures and gives them geometry so they look real not a flat surface.

ZombieNinjaPanda2287d ago


Show you some games that look better than what you listed?

Our own forums has a thread with 50 pages showcasing screenshots. How convenient

theonlylolking2287d ago

There are some good things that come out of console gaming.

1.Gives devs time to optimize hardware devs time to learn new ways to use the hardware
3.Playstation exlusives

egidem2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

"show us then

I don't see anything on PC now that far from what consoles can do, including Witcher 2 and Battlefield 3 "

Here you go buddy: <-- Unlreal Engine Demo in REALTIME.

Nuff said.

nopunctuation2287d ago

Gamers know what a PC is capable of, but the fact is PCs are not user friendly when it come to actually playing games and no one wants to play on a mouse and keyboard when you have a form fitting controller to play on. Graphics are one thing (im a major graphics whore btw) but we also need the other aformentioned stuff to really have a gaming system. I dont want to stick in a game and have the system say "sorry upgrage your ram, graphics card and CPU for 1000$" and then when I do that the game is still buggy and I have to play it on its lowest settings. That is not an efficient way to game at all.

DragonKnight2287d ago

Wow, you can tell DICE is a PC developer. And they are really handling this badly.

Telling potential buyers "bullshit" when they bring up their admittedly infantile grievances, and saying console gamers have no idea about PC's, and generally talking down to potential consumers is a GREAT way to sell your game isn't it? /s

I personally have no interest in any part of this game, as shooters are not my forte or preferred genre, but you'd think that EA would reign DICE in when it comes to PR stuff like this. Afterall, alienating buyers by insulting their intelligence is never good for business.

BattleAxe2287d ago

DICE is right about this, but I'm sure that if they were to use the kinds of techniques that Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, and Guerrilla Games use, I'm sure that they could make the PS3 look better than it does currently, but I suppose that when you're developing for multiple platforms and you have a deadline, it might be asking too much.

No Way2287d ago

So, 'good' sir, what do you do for a living, if I may ask?
Whatever it is, would you let some punk who doesn't know anything about what he is talking about, talk shit about the product you worked hard on?

captain-obvious2286d ago

while consoles game fight over which games got better resolution and which game runs with better frame rate
PC gaming makes them look like clowns since you can run a game on max + more resolution AND 60+ FPS (sometimes even MORE)

nickjkl2286d ago

yeah captain obvious if you have th right hardware for it

so its more like captain oblivious since you make it seem like all pcs can run every game at max

captain-obvious2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

with around 500$ sometimes even less
you cane get a PC that plays all current games on max

and that's what everyone paid when PS3 and xbox came out earlier this gen

you ppl make PC gaming looks impossible

nickjkl2286d ago

wrong captain obvious

when you say 500 dollar pc you mean at what ever resolution allows you to max out the graphics card at a stable frame rate

DragonKnight2286d ago

@No Way: People talk sh*t about games all the time. It's those situations where you separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. Real professionals wouldn't stoop so low as to insult potential buyers, affecting their own profit margins.

You have to have a thick skin and be made of sterner stuff than what DICE is obviously made of when your job has a vast public relations aspect to it.

I mean, look at Molyneux and Fable. Everyone is sh*t talking Fable The Journey, but is he coming out and insulting people with some kind of elitist B.S. attitude? No. He's working hard to make people see the game differently and even getting journalists who believe the game is NOT an on rails game to sign a wall saying so.

You don't piss off potential customers, that's a basic rule of salesmanship in any industry.

Spydiggity2286d ago

what's not user friendly about steam? or any pc gaming for that mater? it's not like it's the early 90s and you still have to do your installs through dos.

Nadasico2286d ago

@stevenhiggster I agree with you fully, though the biggest reason for Dice. Dedicating so many resources to utilizing the PC's latest and greatest is because one they have the budget and two the man power and three its a big PC title. So as nice as BF3 will look. Even if multiplatform games that were on PC as well and had the PC as lead. I doubt they would all look as good as BF3 does.

Not to mention for a lot of games out there PC is not their biggest platform. An quite a few multi plats come to PC later or not at all for that reason. The ones that do usually do what they can to do what they are capable of with what they have to work with an give each platform the best experience they can muster. Just as Frostbite 2.0 was designed with PC in mind as lead. Other developers have shown how dedicated single platform engines can muster the the best.

gamingdroid2286d ago

I agree with you. People that work in an industry that exposes them a lot to the public should be used to criticism and handle it professionally.

It surprises me that the developer is sort of responding to those types of remarks in the first place, but the answer isn't much better.

No Way2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

I'm not saying I'm disagreeing with you, just to get that settled..
But, still, you stand up for what you believe in. That shows you care.
They believe in their game and they don't care to show it, to prove it.
And, as far as this article, they aren't 'talking shit' to potential customers.
It's the truth, and both of us know it. I don't even know what they capable of ..

To get stubborn and ignorant people to understand, you gotta be harsh.
You gotta be blunt and just tell it how it is, and that's what they are doing.
Besides, was one developer posting these 'comments' on Twitter; this to Tor..
You can't (always) take what an individual says, as what the company says.

zag2286d ago

What your seeing is the PC devs that have made a couple of console games on the side for the time being, come back to the real dev money maker the PC.

PC GFX cards are all stupidly fast that running at 2000x3000 resolution is a complete piss take, the problem for these cards isn't the card itself but the monitor because most can't do these resolutions.

That resolution is above 1080P

The 360 can't do 1080P for a start and the PS3 can do 1080P I think it's lack of ram might limit what it can do with that ram as the more GFX stuff you want to do you need some ram for the textures etc.

zag2286d ago

"I mean, look at Molyneux and Fable. Everyone is sh*t talking Fable The Journey, but is he coming out and insulting people with some kind of elitist B.S. attitude? No. He's working hard to make people see the game differently and even getting journalists who believe the game is NOT an on rails game to sign a wall saying so."

Molyneux while a great Dev, always talks up his games.

Black & white was to be a huge morals type game where everything relied on that, and the animal AI was to be the very best ever used in a game.

Overall the morals part didn't work out because to get more areas you had to fight which means your always going to the bad side and the animal's AI wasn't a major thing most people would have left it to do what ever and didn't train it not that it did what you wanted 99% of the time.

Fable is a bit like black & white where your supposed to be some sort of god yet the game isn't ever really like that, it ends up being something else with minor bits of what he was banging on about 6 months before the game came out.

JD_Shadow2286d ago

He wasn't being harsh. The first twitter quote on the site was from a random person who was asking them about "PS3 fluffers" (way to flame bait, if you ask me), not the DICE guy. The DICE guy was saying that those that normally play on consoles don't have the idea of just how powerful of a platform the PC can actually be. How is that insulting anyone? I played on consoles my whole life, and I just started doing PC gaming, and I've found it to be a really good experience, with the huge lineup of AAA and indie titles that look SPECTACULAR, and the DD platforms you have access to (Steam, GamersGate, etc.) makes your shopping life a HELL of a lot easier.

It sounds more like you're not respecting that people might have a different opinion than your own. You've done this on your blogs about the PS3 hacking incidents (which at least half of them are based on backwards logic, anyway), and you're doing it here, too. You can disagree, but do you have to be so damned offended that someone disagreed with you?

gamingdroid2286d ago

Although I partly agree with you, the chosen words made it seem a lot harsher than it is:

"yeah some console gamers have really no idea what they are playing on or what a modern PC is capable of"

I suppose when you are typing something fast, you don't think how it "can" sound. That said, a person in his position potentially representing his company should be a little bit more careful when responding.

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sourav932287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

I understand that the ps3 is nowhere close as powerful as modern gaming pcs. So It would be daft to expect pc quality on any console. However, the way DICE are saying this, is kind of making them look like jackasses. I know what they're saying is completely true. But things like " are mad if you think the ps3 can do pc graphics" or "consoles will always be limited". It should be more like "we've tried our best to squeeze out as much as we can, and this is what we have achieved". It seems more polite that way.

evrfighter12287d ago

"However, the way DICE are saying this, is kind of making them look like jackasses."

does it?

have you seen the other top articles this week?

"BF3 on ps3 will not be 1080p QQ"

"BF3 on ps3 will not be 60fps QQmoar"

he's just stating the obvious. Sometimes the obvious isn't all cherries and rainbows.

KingDustero2287d ago

Agreed. Dice doesn't have to be so rude about it. I myself would be getting the game for the PS3 if I got it. However the way Dice is treating the community is not pleasing me at all.

They could explain things in a much nicer way than calling us "fluffers." Of course there are some idiots who think the PS3 version should look EXACTLY the same as the PC version. This is ridiculous to think, however Dice should explain things more instead of throwing out insults.

So unless Dice starts treating the community better I'm not going to support their product.

DragonKnight2287d ago

@evrfighter: "Sometimes the obvious isn't all cherries and rainbows."

True, but it also doesn't have to be a steaming pile of ape feces thrown in your face either.

HardCover2287d ago

They already said the nice stuff. They said it looks great and they put a ton of work to make it the best they can.

Then they show.

Then the idiots speak.

THEN DICE talk down to THOSE people.

This is Twitter, not a press conference :/

kuroukage2286d ago

Well, I'm sure it's because they're tired and annoyed of so many of the ignorant whiners complaining that it doesn't look like the PC version. This is a game intended for PC and they're just porting it for console to make more money. The proper version will be on PC and the dumbed down, low-res, control padded version is then scrambled together for the rest of you. So enjoy that! If you want to play it the way it's meant to be played...get the PC version and play it in 1080p max AA, max anisotropic, DX11, etc. Because all the pretty screens of it you see wont look like that on console. Oh that and you'll also notice they wont show anything above 720p and normal settings in comparison shots because it would just be 100x more embarrassing for consoles. ;)

Valk2286d ago

LOL Saying the truth hurts some people i see.. What did they say that you foundso offensive? The truth.. They werent rude about it just honest about it...

Pcs being more powerful than PS3 might hurt your feelings but there is nothing wrong with stating a fact...

Its like someone saying I have a blue car and i respond" dont be so harsh man."
You're blowing this way out of proportion

sourav932286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Don't people get what I'm saying? I'm not whining about the pc version being better. Heck, I'm glad because it justifies me spending around £1000 on my gaming pc. All I'm saying is that the replies by Dice to these whiners, even though they don't deserve it, should be more proffesional as they are the customers.

@HardCover I know this is Twitter and not a press conference. That doesn't change the fact that professionalism should always be priority.

When Insomniac revealed about their plans for going multi-platform, they were crapped on by many "fans" about being traitors on twitter. They responded profesionally, on twitter, by saying things like "We want to reach a greater audience so that everyone can enjoy our games". They didn't say "We're not exclusive to sony. We can do whatever we want. Multi-platform = more money".

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TheXonySbox2287d ago

thats fucking bullshit,

developers dont put the money into making a PC title today; very few. They would rather make a console version of one game and port it cross all; gimping the ability of PC titles 9/10 times.

BF3 is a rare title to have in the PC world that actually pushes the hardware.

Anyone who thinks consoles dont hold back PC gaming are clueless.

KingDustero2287d ago

Consoles are NOT "holding" the PC back. Devs CHOOSE to focus on consoles because that is where the money is.

Just look, the MAJORITY of the best selling games are on the consoles.

I myself have no problem with a dev focusing on the PC version for once. I don't own a gaming PC right now, but it is good to see a developer pleasing their original fanbase.

The issue I have with Dice is how they're treating console gamers. It seems like the ONLY reason they're making a console version is just to get our money. They don't appear to want to please or support the console community like they are with the PC.

Seafort2287d ago

Welcome to the PC gamers world.

Thats the only reason pc gamers get a port these days to fluff up the devs piggy bank :P

50Terabytespersec2286d ago

WTH is all this??
over a FPS??
Native PC game??
I read people squabbling about PS3 exclusives versus BF3 !! Are you guys all smoking crack??
The only Game that matches a PC pound for pound is GT5 Prologue at 1080p.
This is a 5 year old console versus a modern supper 400 dollar Video Card.
what i said stands, BF3 PC ,brought a sense of awe i got when i first saw GT5 Prologue on my 1080p Bravia.
*notice i didn't mention GT5(it is a mess a failure a blurry QQAA, visually compromised game,shame on Polyphony for adding more cars and lowiring visuals!!!!!! SHAME!!)
No 3d =Sprite Pixel crowds!!!!!)
PS3 can achieve BF3 but at certain cost!!!

Get the PC version !! and Play exclusives lesson learned!!!
(also if nextgen keeps doing this PC port BS!!! everyone just buy a console for 2 years then get cheap PC card and dump console. Play all PC games on 1080p settings with massive RAM gains etc .
Piratbay optional lmao

RedDead2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

GT5 looks better than GT5 prologue, resolution isn't everything. GT5, some tracks HAVE 3D crowd, others don't. That is GT5, it's more like GT4 HD, with some actual new stuff from this gen.

50Terabytespersec2286d ago

Statements like "Resolutions isn't everything"graphics aren't everything BS!!! Pisses me off!!!

Hypocrites , Ill be damned if you prefer or still own a tube TV and use S-video hookups and play Flash games and Android games all day! OR better yet Emulations of 16bit all day???
And claim the gameplay is better (in many ways it is the same still)(push controller& buttons etc.)(but graphics has changed the most!!)
!HYPOCRITE!!Typical American hypocrite!

THERE IS A REASON we purchase and spend ($1000's )on 1080p HDMI,LCD, Plasma,LED,$65 games,Bluray,7.1,5.1,DTS, Imax,3D ,watch PIXAR,


Someday your grand kids will be having safe sex or watching porn in an HD imersive Enviornment,
While phony arrogant low def hypocrites like you will be still totting "graphics aren't everything etc... while you press buttons on your WII emulator,getting off on a 480p rendar of Princess Peach..!!!

For all you phony "Graphics aren't everything phony nay Sayers!!
Go dust off the Xbox 360 with no HDMI or get a PS2,a VHS, a cassete tape deck, and and stay the hell out of next GEN HD gaming world!!

PR0X12286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

uncharted is 1280x720 @ 30fps @ shitty AA and you think it looks good 5 meters away from the screen.

Hook up your ps3 to your pc monitor and than start playing. It will look like something from 2002 PC.

ANY new PC game is better looking than ANY game on this gen consoles.

N4g_null2286d ago

Consoles are not holding back games the majority of gamers are. Before we all wanted the latest tech but current gamers have a weird sticker shock now. You can look at how ut3 bonded even though it was the best ut3 ever.

Some thing happened here. Then all of pc gaming dried up, it was quite weird. Maybe it's gamers not being able to afford their hobby any more?

CommonSense2286d ago

i have a theory and it goes like this. when times are hard (financially, politically), people abandon logic and reason and critical thinking and objective observation in favor of feeling he comfort of belonging to a group. hard times are very polarizing. well, now that gaming is mainstream, it's being affected the same way.

people are too busy arguing pro sony, pro 360 (though not nearly as much), and pro PC (way less)...hard to find ppl who just stand in the center and make decisions based on reality.

PC gaming really isn't much more expensive...especially when you factor in the avg person probably gets a new pc every 5-6 years that's already part of your investment. take the money you'd spend on consoles, and put that into upgrading your rig. i'm not saying this is what you should do, but i am saying that the financial investment is about the same. this is just about the comfort of belonging to a group. pc kinda got left out of that this generation. the reason for that, i think, is because PC isn't a brand...there is no giant faceless corporation to rally behind because so many companies can and do make PCs...not to mention the people that build their own.

anyway...just a theory.

50Terabytespersec2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

well said , the beauty to consoles is numbers!! how many users equals how much money is spent on massive game budgets for what console and what kind of game!!
equaling more of a incredible experience and detailed modeled world to play!
Sadly PC is easy to Pirate so Piracy has doomed all of PC from ever getting a game that will be anything, but a repetitive PC game(yes dead space,bioshi(ock)t etc..!
You know what im talking about PC gamers!!!
A game like GT5 or Uncharted,Gears of War,Killzone or even Shenmue could never get PC Only Exclusivity or financing!
unless it was multi-platform.
Sadly that has it good and bad as we seen what happen to Cyrsis 2 !!!
PC exclusive big budget game days over!(where is the real Unreal?!!!
I am still waiting for the UNREAL 3 Game, (after Aweakening)???? WTF is it??EPIC??
GEow is nothing but wattered down PC port BS for M$360 , Unreal has always been the Real Unreal!!
where is it EPIC???
remember Doom versus unreal???
PC versus PC!!!!
I'll gladly buy a 200 dollar Video card to play and Exclusive Unreal with MASIVE detail and 108p Visuals !!!
Bring it!!!

N4g_null2285d ago

Most gets here own a 360, ps3, and a wii.
250-400, 500, 250. The recession has not stopped gaming as much. The ps3 was the price of a really high end gpu, the wii was a large ram upgrade and the 360 is the price of a good i7.

Also most of these gamers bought a HDTV which ranges from 700-3000 for a good one. So the money was still there but the bombs killed interest. Id had doom3 and quake 4 which where both a step in the wrong direction. Epic had unreal 3 which just killed the level design and just gave us pretty stuff to look at.

In both cases those games where not fun to play. Cyrsis was the same way great tech but I'd rather have a contra like adventure than a realistic one. If you strip the graphics off these games you see what I'm talking about.

people use to pay lots of money just to play a few games back then because the games where more fun than the eye candy tours we have now.

I think we are at the end of the tech race now. We are all sitting at the finish line now yet there is no winner because we forgot to make thaws games fun.

It's really sad how gaming is now about brands than game play. It's become a pop culture thing now. It's sort of loosing it's meaning.

solar2286d ago

we are living in the "Cry Baby Generation". common sense seems to have gone out the window...

solar2285d ago

hey you're back!! thank you baby jesus!! LOL!!!

N4g_null2286d ago

The problem is hype. Gamers believe in that more than understanding what spec can actually do.

The hype train has derailed. The cell is a great idea but so where a lot of chips. Yet they have limits. The limits of gamers where much more tangible. You could see the games slowdown and you knew that was the limit. Now gamer believe that the programmer just isn't good enough.

This is really getting out of control. The developers good developers are being driven from this industry because of unreachable expectations.

It really started after the 16bit gen. Not sure how we are going to fix it.

OdinX2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

The problem doesn't lie in the cell processor, but in the dated gfx cards that all current gen consoles use. The total amount of dedicated gfx memory that both the 360 and PS3 use is 512MB. By today's standards, that is really, really bad. I run a single core comp with and 1GB AGP vid card and I can STILL run some modern games at high settings. I am planning to upgrade, but my bank is broke atm. X(

subtenko2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

PC gamers have no idea the most people just dont wanna constantly upgrade their computer more often than they want to for games when they could just buy a console that MILLIONS of people buy and play on surround sound with an hdtv all in the same room already set up to their liking...

Idc what the PC is capable of, I dont wanna upgrade every so often more than a new console comes out, I wanna everything to be in my living room

AND I wanna play Sony PS3 1st party exclusives that I cant play on PC dagonit! Hope you understand now DICE dev...

tordavis2286d ago

So Gaming Bolt is using MY tweets to create stories now? This is front page material? Wow really?!!/torda...

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Wizziokid2287d ago

it's the sad truth that some people think consoles can match a PC, they need to realise that consoles are never upgraded with new tech until the next console gets released, where as PC can constantly upgrade to the new tech when it comes out. hence why PC's will always be ahead.

ProjectVulcan2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Consoles are always built and designed to a cost as well. Designed to get the best bang for buck for the manufacturer when they choose the specification. Thus even when they are brand new they are rarely more powerful than a top end PC of the time, but thats ok, because they have various other advantages which can keep them pretty close to expensive PC hardware.

Once PC hardware moves on another generation however, the raw power of newer hardware is simply too much to match and wins the day easily as console hardware dates. Usually this takes no longer than a year. Clever tricks and sophisticated console development tools are superb at extracting maximum performance, but with unrelenting PC hardware improvement, they are no substitute for outright power.

We saw this with 360. It was never quite as powerful as a top end PC when it launched in late 2005- say an Athlon 64 X2 and X1800XT, but it gave fairly decent results.

As soon as the next generation PC stuff launched a year later, Core 2 and Geforce 8800 series, it was already outgunned. Thats how the industry works.

kevnb2287d ago

its because pr keeps telling us they can, websites keep showing screenshots that make pc and console look the same, and microsoft wants us to think pc gaming is dead.

Carnage2287d ago

Why would Microsoft want us to think pc gaming is dead? Hello! They are a software company. If you are using Windows on your pc they are making money.

awi59512287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )


Your right man what gpu was i using 5 or 6 years ago it may be the 3870. The people complaining are the people same people who will go out and buy COD running on the same COD 4 engine. These fangirls need to go get professional help or a girlfriend, hell a hooker lol. They need help bad man. I said hooker because no woman would have them lol.

RahatR2287d ago

Yeah some people need to realize that pc has always been steps ahead

Eiffel2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Not always, I've stated this before but it didn't really take off until 1990, computers generally at the time weren't built with the silicon muscle intended for gaming as consoles were designed for, specifically PC's of that time we're merely used for general work purposes. Sidecrollers for example were exclusive to consoles, as modern day PC's of the time couldn't simply do it, wasn't until in September 1990 where a project prototype entitled "Dangerous Dave, In Copyright Infringement" developed by John Carmack and Tom Hall of Id Software, showed the power of the PC, even by modern designed means, it just like consoles had a continuous refresh rate. This same prototype would later inspire the development of "Commander Keen." Among other developers were turning their attention to the PC as well, seeing it as a limitless platform.

Edit: People who disagree, disagree with the truth. Do a little research kids.

stevenhiggster2287d ago

I fu**in loved Commander Keen! Someone really needs to do a modern re make of those games, imagine a 3D Commander Keen platformer! Id, make it happen!

Jocosta2287d ago

You are right, PCs didn't really start getting regular upgrades until the voodoo years, like 96 through 99.

XerockX2287d ago

Below the root- amazing game- IBM or apple ii - side scrolling adventure game released in 1984.One of my favorite games ever. My point is, you can make beautiful games with minimal hardware abilities. Talented artists can be an amazing asset!

Carnage2287d ago

RahatR just means lately you know that. And besides not many of us were gamers in the early 1990's, that just makes us young not 'kids'.

But let just say by estimate that from 2001 to now PC gaming has always been steps ahead.

And to show how old you are I was born 1991 I'm turning 20 next month. Time has flown.

So I'm guessing your like in your late 20's early 30's to say something like that. And if you are closer to my age well your just being a prick.

N4g_null2286d ago

Great stuff effil good stuff we need more people posting like this. Remember when there was such a thing as 2d and separate 3d video card excelliration.

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8bit_Nes_Rambo2287d ago

"Yeah some people need to realize that pc has always been steps ahead." This statement reminds me of communist propoganda, for some reason.