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GameGuideDog probes Nick Brecken, the new Community Manager at Bethesda who recently left ShackNews to work with the development team to fill us in on the details for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Here is what we uncovered. As the fifth Elder scrolls video game, there’s a lot to tell. It’s a massive epic fantasy world designed based on the success of previous Elder Scrolls entries which have shown that huge single story RPG experiences is true gaming that fans cannot get enough of. As the next evolution from executive producer Todd Howard and his team’s vision, the game sports an entirely new engine and overall design.

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ismejks2405d ago

IMHO this was the best overall game in e3

Shackdaddy8362405d ago

Ya. I loved the dragon stuff.

Spydiggity2404d ago

dragon stuff is cool, but i hope the dragon difficulty doesn't scale to your level. i hope at the early levels you're forced to hide or flee...

that would really help suck you into the world...scared to death when you see them early on, but finally realizing later that you've become powerful enough that you don't have to run anymore.

BeOneWithTheGun2404d ago

@spydiggity: I believe you do not see the dragons for a while. I remember reading that you have to progress a bit before they are upon you.

Regardless, the first time one swoops in on me I'm running for a stone hut.

inveni02403d ago

I'm wicked excited for this game. I could never really get into Fallout 3 or New Vegas, but Oblivion sucked me in. There's something about the type of lore that comes with The Elder Scrolls games that grabs me. The best overall game at E3 for me, however, was Uncharted 3. The boat level might not seem real intense, but the amount of technical skill behind that level makes me anticipate the other tricks ND has waiting for me. With a Skyrim demo, you pretty much know exactly how the entire game will be just from 10-15 minutes.

Kal8532404d ago

What the guy said about being able to do hand to hand is interesting because Todd Howard had said the unarmed skill was taken out of Skyrim. So I wonder what associated skill you'll be able to use to improve hand to hand?

Coffin872403d ago

Hmm in my opinion this guy was just little more than a spokesperson.

By the way, NO NEW GAMEPLAY on that site. Don't waste your time.

bwazy2404d ago


That this game is released when I should be studying for my University Midterms, like seriously.

Either I fail my semester or I don't play the game. Theres no such thing as moderation for a game this jaw droppingly addictive.

gameguidedog2404d ago

You could also pass your midterms and THEN play the game yunno. Don't forget to comment on the page the story is written on for a chance to win a free copy when it's released! :)

wallis2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Okay, seriously, go find an editor to read over your articles. This thing is a God damned mess, I kept looking at the top of my firefox to see if it was a google translation because that's how it reads.

I get that not every person who writes news articles is being paid full time but there's no point writing an 800 word article if it reads like a riddle put together by a drunken yoda.

"They haven’t ‘announced’ any DLC’s but they potential to create them is defiantly included in the design of the software of course"

Retired boxers can write better than this. If you're a non-English speaker then that's understandable, you just need someone to give it a read over before posting, but if not then I can only assume you wrote this in one hell of a rush.