Sega Hack Update: 1.29 million customers information breached.

Sega confirmed that the personal data of 1.29 million of its customers was stolen in an attack on its systems.

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MagicGamer1931d ago

Unbelievable. When will all the 2011 hacking stop? So sick of this.

DarkCharizard_1931d ago

I look at it as betterment of the industry as all the developers will boost up their out-of-date security now.

gamingdroid1931d ago

Yup, and if they have the audacity to take my information and store it, they better [email protected] well secure it!

HardCover1931d ago

Once the government steps in and says "It is blatant now more than ever that proper internet restriction is an immediate necessity for the financial safety of millions"

Dumbass kids ruining our nice things :'(

theEx1Le1931d ago

This is my main concern too, things could get bad if this happens.

jke821931d ago

that or consperacy theorists will start saying its the big Govt doing/instigateing the hacking so they can push the agenda of a closed and controlled internet...been alot of butting heads recently on net neutrality...could be the beginning of the end ya know...could be..

VileAndVicious1931d ago

Exactly this hacking needs to stop soon.
Im not sure or not if this is the work of lulzseq but these hacker groups are seriously about screw everything up for alot of people.

Vega751931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

they are just short of sony PSN hack. they just need about 105 million to even it up with sony. matter fact if you combine all the hacks that came after sony's failure to protect it's network and they still wouldn't be close to catching sony's fuck up.

Baka-akaB1931d ago

i'm sure it's your lifelong goal and achievement to see no one fail as bad as sony

El_Colombiano1931d ago

It isn't Sony's fault that their platform is so popular. I'm sure that's why they were attacked first. They do have the most popular online platform after all.

Jazz41081931d ago

Its free of course its going to be popular. Beingbetter than everyon else is just an opinin.

jke821931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

how is it sonys failure when they did what they could to protect said info, people said they werent using latest server software, they were, data that was accessed and stolen was data you can get out of any phone book, oh no dont send me more junkmail to throw away and spam to delete, account passwords were encrypted, no harm no foul..the fuckers that hacked the system are at fault vega..........

with this sega hack they got everything they could ever want, if were compairing the hacks the sony ones caused pains in the ass and thats it, the sega one, the rumored xbox hack now on n4g, those actually lost passwords and SENSITIVE info like birthdays... id be more worried about the sega hack than i am about sony at all

badz1491931d ago

so? SEGA should be happy now? IDIOT!

Vega751930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

awww calm down dude before you bust a pimple


'how is it sonys failure when they did what they could to protect said info"- no they didn't. even the CEO said "In a meeting with Bloomberg Sony CEO Howard Stringer admitted that the company had been lax with PSN security as it didn't expect an attack on a free service". how is that doing what you could to protect info explain that please

here's the link

Enigma_20991930d ago

"I don't care who gets hacked, and how bad it is... NEVER FORGET SONY..."

... that's pretty much what you're saying, right? Don't think about ANYTHING ELSE... just Sony's hack.

I see you left off the part about the Sony execs eating babies. I'm sure they appreciate that.

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Shackdaddy8361931d ago

I'm glad I just have a simple account with them...

Really hoping Steam doesn't get hacked though.

El_Colombiano1931d ago

Steam, Facebook, Amazon. These are the ones I doubt will be hacked.

mrv3211931d ago

People dislike facebook.

People like steam and amazon. Someone will try and hack steam and see L4D2 for 2/3rd off and go... well I suppose I'll hack it tomorow.

gamingdroid1931d ago

Those are companies that are constantly being attacked at any second. There is huge money to be made from hacking those guys.

I doubt they got SQL Injection attacks working on them....

OSIRUSSS1931d ago

My FB got hacked last year.

Megaton1931d ago

Pretty sure I don't have any account with them.

Rusco871930d ago

I have no recollection of signing up to sega but I got an email telling me that July details have possibly been breached. The only thing I can think of is that during the psn hack my email and password were used to create a sega account of no importance. (far fetched I know). With being hacked as well this yeah is just the yeah of cyber-terrorism.

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