Skyrim - Radiant story, blurring the line between fantasy and reality?

New editor for needmormana takes a look at the Radiant story and Radiant AI tools, and how they will impact the game.

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femshep2529d ago

“The simple things tend to be the most exciting. If the player drops a valuable item in the world, someone might come over and ask the player if they don’t want it anymore. In another case, Radiant Story might have two characters start fighting over it right in front of you. If you kill someone, a relative or friend of that person may decide to hunt you down. Radiant Story allows us to set up these story templates that respond to things the player does, but at the same type keep the reacting NPCs in character.”

awesome, all they need is to have relationships like in fable only better

CaptainMarvelQ82529d ago

i'd rather get Farts like in fable rather than relationships

Tony P2529d ago

It sounds like they've tried to make both systems into what Radiant AI should have been with Oblivion.

Hopefully, they got it right this time.