Battlefield 3 Is 720p On Consoles, Dice Says Duh, “Just Like 99 Percent Of All Games”

DICE and its Battlefield 3 shooter have been fielding some questions from ‘certain’ gamers as more details concerning the console version of the game come to light. We recently learnt that, unlike what DICE had said, the PC version will look better, obviously. News also surfaced concerning the title’s frame rate, with DICE settling for 30FPS. Now as for output, it’ll be rendered in 720p on consoles and to that DICE says, ‘uh, yeah?’

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DoomeDx2256d ago

People are expecting way to much.
There was even an article that said: ''Battlefield 3 for consoles is not 1080p with 60 frames per second''

And some people seem pissed off about to.


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Strange_Evil2256d ago

^^^ I am a Sony Fan and I never expected the game to run at 1080P, so stop generalizing. Each platform has it's fanboys who talk sh!t, but that doesn't represent the entire user base.

For the things going in BF3, I am happy to see the footage and glad the graphics are decent. Not Ultra PC setting obviously, but who the hell expected that from a 5 year old console any way.

dangert122256d ago

to be honest i think its the CoD casual you know #TeamBahBAh that love to follow that thought it would be this good i don't think battlefield console fans are that stupid

news4geeks2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

I want to know who these sony fanboys are that are complaining. I don't ever recall fanboys in the past few years expecting games to perform at PC level.

It's almost as if people invent these stories just for gossip and hits. N4G is a haven for sony fanboys and even here people don't expect ps3 to compete with high end pc graphics.

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evrfighter2256d ago

yes news4geeks

DICE made this allllll up.

shoddy2256d ago

the console is 5 years old.

you want 1080p 60fps get a PC.

I'm a Sony gamer and I don't expect 1080p this gen console cause I know console can barely achieve that.

the ps3 can get 1080p 60fps if consumer would pay $2000 for ps3 at launch.
won't pay that much you say? Then shut the fuk up.

wait for nextgen for sure it can do 3D 1080p 120fps.

egidem2256d ago

I agree. These "certain" PS3 gamers who are complaining are way too much into their heads. They are treated with a lot of good looking games on the PS3, such as the exclusives like God of War 3, Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Uncharted 1, 2 and 3, Resistance 3 etc. and this convinces them that all the best looking games belong on the PS3, therefore anything the PC can do, the PS3 can match with ease.

So they go ahead and witness for weeks the PC footage of Battlefield 3 in action. Then they are like: "Meh..impressive though. I'm sure the PS3 can do just as well, if not equal. Besides, Killzone 3 looks awesome, Battlefield 3 will be a piece of cake!"

Footage finally comes out, and they are complaining that it's not on par with the PC version?? People have stated this already. You're talking about a console 5 + years old with a GPU that is even older vs a modern gaming PC. DICE can only do so much work (for porting the game to the PS3, Xbox 360 and the upcoming Wii U) in such little time. These PS3 gamers need to take a look at games like The Witcher 2 or heck, even the original Crysis that still beats anything on consoles today just to see how really "on par" their PS3 is NOT with the PC.

deadpoole2256d ago

The problem is previous Battlefield games Bad Company 1 and 2 were sub-hd ... they were not even 720p native and were upscaled.

And by the looks of Video seen on Jimmy show ... it still looks sub-hd and upscaled to 720p. Just like previous titles.

Sub-Hd =/= 720p Native.

If it is native 720p like Killzone 3 or Uncharted 2 then yup there is something to be happy about.

kingdoms2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

It's PS3 fanboys. The more rabid ones are owning BF3 as their ps own. The more rabid and angry fanboys want to use BF3 as a weapon or tool to spite 360/activation/infinity and when it did not live up to what they built up in their heads they turned on the game. Gamers/fanboys could also be realizing Dice was using their fanboy8sm to hype BF3 for them putting the game in a better position against COD. Devs should never favor PS3 in the hopes they can take advantage of PS3 fanboys it always backfires.

LaChance2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Finnaly somebody says out loud what everyone is thinking deep down, DICE included.

vulcanproject2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

@ deadpoole

Battlefield Bad company 1 and 2 on both consoles run 1280 x 720 natively, with no anti aliasing.

jdfoster002256d ago

Mw2 and blackops where not even 720p =p ... Not being a fanboy it's truth... Look at this here link it compares what games are rendered at on 360 and ps3 and hardware specifications etc (and what they run at) etc... (same link is below just shortened)

this is a great reference for which resolution various console games run at:

blumatt2256d ago

Thanks for that link. I was wanting to see that. Maybe everyone here will click on it and it will prove to them that there ARE advantages to developing for the PS3 with the SPUs and Cell architecture in mind. The PS3 version's graphics might not be insanely better than other consoles versions, but they will have a slight edge due to deferred shading and other techniques.

Lifendz2256d ago

There are a ton of games that run in 720p that look gorgeous. Until the next wave of consoles this is what we're going to have to deal with...and it's not such a bad tradeoff.

Snakefist302256d ago

Maybe those guys are 360 fanboys pretending to be PS3 fanboys or maybe cod fans!

RememberThe3572255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Haha Gray Snake is getting disagrees for posting a presentation by DICE on how to use the Cell. You guys are so stuck in you ignorant hate that when the people who actually know what they're talking about make a claim you close your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears and scream loudly.

How about accepting the reality that the Cell has it's advantages, and if used properly can have great results? Why is that so hard? You don't have to sing it's praises or say that it's Gods gift to man but acknowledging reality would, I believe, be beneficial. :)

@captain: lol Awesome.

nnotdead2255d ago

people have to just be trolling Dice.

frostypants2255d ago

I'm not pissed. I'm looking forward to both versions of this game. HOWEVER, DICE's PR people definitely implicitly mislead gamers by choosing to focus on PC footage in all their earlier previews, even while hyping the console versions.

They know what they did.

Aquanox2255d ago

It's not devs fault that PCs power have evolved way beyond consoles. They need to evolve with tech or lag behind just to please some fanatic gamers.

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Shaman2256d ago

It is not.Its 1024x608 with 2xMSAA.It supports 720p and 1080i/p output,but that is just stretching the image across the screen,you won't get those pixels outputted by actual console.

MitchGE2256d ago

It's upscaled to but isn't natively 720p dumbass.

deadpoole2256d ago

liore ... its not 720p ... you can easily tell by looking at vertical object on screen.

egidem2256d ago

@hamburger123 disagrees

I don't get it. Do your research people, Call of Duty IS NOT 720p (1280 x 720). It runs at 600p (1024 x 600) to be precise. How else do you expect the game to run at constant 60 fps?

If Activision were to up the resolution to 720p (1280 x 720) and then add in destruction I promise you that game would immediately dip under 60 fps (on consoles of course) on their old overused engine.

StayStatic2256d ago

Indeed black ops on ps3 was 960x544 : /

Shackdaddy8362256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Meant to agree but disagreed ._.

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BubbleSniper2256d ago

article number 1,990,779,080 stating the same obvious stuff we keep hearing, in different ways.

how many times is Dice going to confirm 720p on consoles? maybe 100000000 more times then peope will get it and not submit this stuff, which takes the place of real, possible gaming news.

jdfoster002256d ago

Shows you every game is rendered in on 360 and ps3... You'd be surprised of what some games run on and what they actually support!

sourav932256d ago

Hey as long as it's native 720p I'm alright with it. Since, I can't expect anymore from my ps3 as BF3 is a large scale game with enormous amounts of destruction. Unlike ther shooter games *cough* CoD *cough* which have a native res which is sub HD> To be fair, I play on a 24" HD LED TV in my room and on that size, 1080p and 720p don't differ that much (or at all). 30fps is sufficient. I mean, I play uncharted and killzone on 30 fps, and I play pretty well in them.

50Terabytespersec2256d ago

WTH is all this??
over a FPS??
Native PC game??
I read people squabbling about PS3 exclusives versus BF3 !! Are you guys all smoking crack??
The only Game that matches a PC pound for pound is GT5 Prologue at 1080p.
This is a 5 year old console versus a modern supper 400 dollar Video Card.
what i said stands, BF3 PC ,brought a sense of awe i got when i first saw GT5 Prologue on my 1080p Bravia.
*notice i didn't mention GT5(it is a mess a failure a blurry QQAA, visually compromised game,shame on Polyphony for adding more cars and lowiring visuals!!!!!! SHAME!!)
No 3d =Sprite Pixel crowds!!!!!)
PS3 can achieve BF3 but at certain cost!!!

Get the PC version !! and Play exclusives lesson learned!!!
(also if nextgen keeps doing this PC port BS!!! everyone just buy a console for 2 years then get cheap PC card and dump console. Play all PC games on 1080p settings with massive RAM gains etc .
Piratbay optional lmao

hassi942256d ago

To be honest 720p is probably above the average game's resolution on both X360 and PS3. We get a fair few 680, 600, 480p, 540p games.