We Don't Do Things in Pairs - No Zelda 25th Anniversay Compilation For You!

The latest "Iwata Asks" from Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, explores The Legend of Zelda's 25th anniversary, something Nintendo also brought up in detail during their media briefing at this year's E3. The episode has been translated by Nintendo World Report who found a juicy morsel of annoying information regarding the potential for a 25th Anniversary Legend of Zelda compilation release for Wii ala Mario's similar compilation.

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Burning_Finger2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Link had been saving zelda for the last 25 years..enough already.

JaggedCarpet2586d ago

An ending to the greatest video game series of all time?

ZombieAssassin2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

From Article "reminding everyone they don't do the same thing two years in a row, saying "that wouldn't be very Nintendo like"

But yet they can re-release the same games for 20 years on each new platform, how many 3DS games are just N64 games with 3D support?

Zelda is IMO the best franchise they have (not highest selling but it has the most depth to me) so show it some freaking love.

DragonKnight2586d ago

Don't forget that the Wii is a Gamecube 1.5 with motion controls.

DragonKnight2586d ago

They say they don't do the same thing twice, yet the Wii is a repackaged Gamecube with rehashed games and a motion gimmick.

Cablephish2586d ago

Can I get the Zelda game on the 3DS, or only on DSi?

DarkBlood2586d ago

well zelda four swords coming to the dsiware store whcih mean s 3DS owners can play it as well as dsi owners

and if your talking about OOT then thats only for the 3DS

Cablephish2585d ago

Yeah I meant the Four Swords game only, sorry for not specifying.

DarkBlood2584d ago

no need to be sorry sir

TenkoTAiLS2586d ago

Well they did have that Zelda Collection on the Gamecube, which you can use on the Wii. It had the original, and it's sequel from the NES, and the two N64 games. The only non handheld one it was missing was the SNES games, but they were selling Link to the Past on GBA at the time, so that's probably why. It had a short retrospective movie on the disc and a demo of Wind Waker too.