Jaffe comments on the possibility of adding new DLC vehicles to Twisted Metal

Eat Sleep Play’s Jaffe shares his thoughts on the possibility of adding new vehicles through DLC (in addition to the balance and spilt community challenges that comes with it) to the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive game, Twisted Metal.

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TenSteps2469d ago

After seeing glimpses of the live action cut scenes from the trailers, I have to ask am I the only one hoping for DLC characters?

Shepherd 2142466d ago

Already talking about DLC and the game isnt even out. Lets see if this Sony exclusive gets the same hate treatment that other games have gotten recently. Games that talk about DLC before release.

subtenko2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Lets see if anyone else besides yourself can read the title right "Jaffe comments on the possibility of ADDING new DLC vehicles to Twisted Metal"

ya know, when a manager of a team or project have certain phases to work on, they need to stick to the schedule. What they are doing is staying on schedule but thinking of adding more DLC for the fans when everything is finished.

If something didn't make it in the game or if they wanna ADD more, then that's what they are doing.

anyway, cant wait to play this Twisted Metal for PS3!

fluffydelusions2469d ago

I cannot wait for this game

GamersRulz2469d ago

TM has always been fun to play, I really cant wait to get my hands on this game. this genre is lacking, and I believe that TM will move some PS3 systems.

Thank you David for making this beautiful game.

thehitman2469d ago

tbh I think the worst part about DLC for MP is the splitting of the userbase I think maps should always be free content as a patch to the game and not something that is sold... If they wanted to do special player skins models and characters for sale I think that's the best way to introduce DLC.