PlayStation 3 Forgotten Feature - The Mouse Support Rarely known

PC gamer's always complain about controllers of different console specially PlayStation 3 controller even it is now so much popular but still PC gamer's don't like to play shooting games on PS3 as they excuse of not having accurate aim with the controller.

But the Forgotten Compatibility ‎Was designed to bring mouse and keyboard functionality to the PS3, and looks very much like a basic mouse and keypad setup - sort of. In addition to a mouse and keypad that are colored black to match the PS3, the Sony PS3 also features a left-hand grip controller with a thumbstick instead of a keyboard with WASD keys for movement. Thus, players still retain some traditional console controller functions, but precision mouse aiming.

There are Many companies other than Sony itself master in the manufacture of mouse and keyboard for Sony PS3, for those who don't really believe or want to know the list, here is some best known Manufacturer,


Hope this will greatly help PC gamer's to endure the PS3, and try its controller that are far more better than the other controllers and PS3 graphics and new games are more fun to play with any other normal games.

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Why o why2467d ago

Not sure why this feature isnt used more. Epic used it with unreal but sony should push the feature like they do 3d and move using their 1st parties if its viable for the game of course

theonlylolking2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

mandatory for all First person shooters. Third person shooters do not have to have mandatory support.

BakedGoods2466d ago

I don't get it. Is this article stating you can use a mouse and keyboard to play games? Surely, I get the FragFX accessories, but using just a mouse and keyboard? How is that possible?

fr0sty2466d ago

Plug mouse and keyboard into the usb ports on the front of the PS3, and you're good to go. The downside is not many games support it.

SilentNegotiator2466d ago

I think the Ps2 had more kb/m support than the ps3....

GrandTheftZamboni2466d ago

Screw mouse. Then I won't be able to play lying on my back on sofa.

dredgewalker2466d ago


There are wireless keyboards and mouse and you use a small breakfast tray on your lap if you wanna play on the couch or on the bed. It wouldn't hurt have these options and they're cheaper and more accurate than a controller. No one is saying the controller should be replaced with the kbnm combo, some people just want the option of being able to play with one.

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nopunctuation2466d ago

Ive known this was wassible for a while. Im using my keyboard right now to type this message but there is no point in using a mouse on a ps3 because its too sensitive.

fr0sty2466d ago

A sensitivity setting would easily fix that.

nopunctuation2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Probably but it wouldnt be that useful without some support for games. Also, epic typing fail on my part. This is why N4G needs to remove the time limit on editing.

Nitrowolf22466d ago

yeah wtf it use to be 30 min now the editing time just seems random

Godmars2902466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Sony does have a bad habit of including nice extras and failing to support them doesn't it?

The MC option for the PSeye and especially the browser come to mind. Took them forever to make Crackle accessible through it. And then there's suppose to be a wave of browser based games on the way which should be able to work in the PS3's.

Bigpappy2466d ago

The game on PS3 are not designed to make the most of mouse and Keyboard. It would not be the same as playing the PC version with those inputs

xAlmostPro2466d ago

Agreed, i reckon all games should have dualshock & keyboard+mouse options..

It would probably attract a few pc gamer types to ps3 as well

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currentblips2466d ago

yea , you are absolutely rite !

WooHooAlex2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Diablo 3 with mouse and keyboard support would sell an unheard of number of PS3s.

Probably not going to happen tho.

KeiserSosay47882466d ago

yeah, I really wish more RTS and FPS would support KB/M on PS3

StarWolf2466d ago

i heard its laggy and has delay, stuttery

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