Fallout: New Vegas marked down 67% to $19.99

Conflicting Gamers - "When Fallout 3 came out in 2008, it revolutionized the post-apocalyptic video game genre. That’s why when the sequel, Fallout: New Vegas came out, it was held to an extremely high standard. The game didn’t really live up to the (over) hype that it was given, but it didn’t necessarily disappoint either…"

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kingjoker342707d ago

last weekend i saw this for 7.99 at a local game store

mananimal2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

lolololololololol, yah this game has alot of value , doesnt it? lol, and just think of all the Koo Coo gamers, like a crack addict,unable to say no, that paid anywhere from $40-$60 for this piece of junk, lol,

SeanRL2707d ago

It's not really that bad of a game. Worth the money I'd say, sure it's glitchy but it's playable and it's fun enough to keep you going. I definitely liked #3 more but that doesn't mean this one completely sucks, it really did have its good sides.

Ray1862707d ago

I'm still waiting fot the GOTY edition to drop.

mastershredder2707d ago

I got the collectors edition new for 30 bucks just before PSN went down. Helped me survive the PSN wasteland.

The game is well worth 20 bones. It just gets so damn glitchy (even maddening at times), but you still love it anyway.

mananimal2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

of course its $20bucks, the game sucks compared to the original, lol....and though i loved the 1st fallout 3, i still have no desire to play Vegas, lol, I dont care about Vegas, NV....and had no desire to play in Sin City in a game, B O R I N, whats the next one gonna be? fallout3: New York? lol....moron game publishers/marketing executives.

VenGencE9992707d ago

yet you felt the desire to tell us? Your life must really suck.

FunAndGun2707d ago

Are 67% of the bugs still there?

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