Best Gaming Gear Round-up: Mouse [MEGamers]

MEGamers takes a look at some of the best gaming mices available in the market right now from Razer, Steelseries, Gigabyte and Roccat.

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bwazy2562d ago

Oh please. Its been proven that the best gaming mice are old optical devices that have < than 2000 dpi developed by Microsoft and other such companies. The whole 10000000000000000000 bajillion dpi fad is complete and utter bullshit and companies like Razer blatantly exploit their customers with comfortable, but completely useless hardware.

kevnb2562d ago

I think the mamba sucks, but the deathadder is a really nice mouse. The specs etc are a gimmick, but a nice fully featured mouse is worth it.

stevenhiggster2562d ago

Logitech laser G9 for me. I tried every mouse in the shop and that was by far the best one, and 4 years later there is still nothing to better it, imho obviously.