FAST – Racing League Review

A fun futuristic racer for Nintendo’s WiiWare!

FAST – Racing League is a futuristic racer. You start out by “qualifying” to race in the league. Once you qualify you can only start out playing the league on Neutron difficulty, which is for rookies. Once you beat Neutron, you can unlock Proton, which is experienced. Beat that and you’ll have Ion difficulty for the sophisticated pilots.

One thing to mention about each level of difficulty is the speed of the vehicles. They have a cap on how fast you can go. So as you play through on the rookie difficulty it’s going to feel to slow. Don’t worry though, cause once you finish in the top 3 in each world and unlock the next difficulty level, your vehicles will then go at a much faster pace which feels a lot better.

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Miiikeyyy2404d ago

Looks like the kids version of Wipeout HD

Sestren2404d ago

It certainly has the Wipeout look, but it has it's own charm.