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Duke Nukem Forever exposes crap reviewers - 100 reviews compared

Let’s be completely honest here; Duke Nukem Forever is not what we waited for back in 1996. In fact, it is not great at all. Having said that, it is also definitely not crap as well. In this post Xentax compares the final scores from 100 reviews that we can find online. Not that feable metacritic or shallow worldscore bias like we see so often eh? Setting aside nostalgia and looking at the game objectively, it’s a fair game. There’s enough fun to be had, giggles here and there, and some good shooting scenes. Overall we would agree that the game deserves somewhere between 65% and 70% as a score, as it matches up with that range of other fair shooters of late. Some reviewers do not appear to know what objectiveness is though. No, they take this opportunity to attract hits on their petty sites.

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Community2652d ago
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Kon2652d ago

Wow, people are still trying to deny that this game sucks? I finished it today, and so far this is the worst game of 2011 imo.

Rageanitus2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Just like how ppl were in denial that ODST SUCKED hard...

DNF is pretty bad but still it does have some pros to it... as it is not as good as iit is not as cinematic as the modern games... but I do admit It actually keeps my attention span of playing the game 30+ minutes per each gaming session.

I remember going through ODST and after playing 10-15 minutes playing each session I had to put the controller down or I was hoping for the next check point. I was playing the game game just for the sake of finishing it.

MerkinMax2652d ago

Why did ODST get brought into this?

BrianG2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

@sltPoison, I think he did that for comparative sake.

@Rageanitus, I'm sure the game has it's positives, most games do. And the review sites are just getting worse for the most part. Who was it that gave this game a 0/10? Seriously? A 0, was the game not included?

Deducting points just because they can has become some what of the norm at some sites, not all, who review games. I swear some just wait a few weeks just to put out the lowest score review to be the worst review on Meta or GameRankings.

omi25p2652d ago

i actually enjoyed ODST and im not a halo fan.

LOGICWINS2652d ago

"Just like how ppl were in denial that ODST SUCKED hard... "

So ODST sucked because YOU say so? I know several people who enjoyed it. I didn't, but I know others did.

SilentNegotiator2652d ago

ODST didn't really "suck", it was just a massive rip-off and punch below the belt for Halo 3 gamers who already had all of the MP content.

But seriously, get over it Duke fanboys; DNF sucks. The humor is flat (the supposed epicenter of Duke; his non-existent parody and worse than ever one-liners), the gameplay is boring, the level design is atrocious, it's not polished, and the MP is tacked on worse than a brick being held to a wall with sticky-tack.

Kran2652d ago

When making a game, you got to try and make it a great game, not one of the worst games out there.

RedDead2652d ago

I enjoyed ODST quite a bit, rented, well worth a rent.

gamingdroid2652d ago

I enjoyed Halo: ODST too, so I'm not sure what Rageanitus is trying to imply. It surely isn't of the same quality as Halo: Reach, but it was a well respected entry in the franchise.

Shinuz2652d ago

I actually though that ODST was a lot better than Halo 3, now that game was way overrated and dare i say almost boring.

Brewski0072651d ago

Shut up about ODST , Its completely off topic. Who cares, move on.

I rented DNF, and that's what i'd recommend to anyone who wants to play this game but isnt too compelled to now, since its got horrid reviews. I wouldnt buy this game over what else is out there on the market, but for nostlagia sake I found it was appealing to rent and hear that voice again.

EVILDEAD3602651d ago

LMAO @ fan kids still mad trying to bash ODST two years later. The game was for Halo FANS and we loved it.

If campaign and firefight would've had matchmaking like Reach does we'd all still be playing it


SilentNegotiator2651d ago

"ODST one of the best campaigns in Halo history"

Go play Halo 1 and 2. Seriously, I don't believe that you've played them if you really believe that.

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avengers19782652d ago

Can't we just admit that this is the worst game to come out in some time. I mean even the developers have apologized for the game. No review not one, even the first ones have said that the game is anygood.

mrsatan2652d ago

We can't admit it because it isn't true. I can list many other games much more terrible than this.

MmaFan-Qc2652d ago

....indeed, "reviewers" who gave this POS a good scores are clearly crap reviewers.

Shinuz2652d ago

Well for me Crysis2 is a bigger letdown than DNF.

nopunctuation2652d ago

Beat me to it. I guess the denial will wear off after a few weeks. I remember buying Unreal Tournament 3 for ps3 and I had a hard time accepting that the game was utter garbage but I had paid 60 bucks for it so I had to get something out of it. Later I was able to shake off the denial and sell the game. Duke Nukem was dead from the start. The developers killed the game multiple times during its 14 year development and now we are left with a corpse with life support jammed in it. Supporting this game would just mean supporting overly long devopment times with piss por releases that a competent developer could have made in a year or two. Dont do this. We are starting to get ahead in the gaming world and games like this threaten to pull us back down.

BiggCMan2652d ago

I thought Unreal Tournament 3 was fantastic by the way. Is that a bad thing?? XD

Pacman3212652d ago

Couldn't agree more, unreal tournament 3 was the biggest disappointment and i kept trying to convince myself that it was a good game, but i couldn't.

Adam21012652d ago

One of the worst in a while and not just in 2011, but you cant give it a 0.

Reviewers are dumb nowadays, give anybody 10 and then in a year they say does it deserve a 10?

And they aren't very serious about reviews, they get all hyped then give a 10 to a game and never mentioned it again.

example is bulletstorm, gamesradar gave it a 10.and now we hear nothing about the game, its fun but not a 10. they fooled themself by the hype.

the_kutaragi_baka2652d ago

Sad thing this garbage game will sell well, whereas better games won't... sad this really!!

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fourthpersonview2652d ago

People are entitled to their opinions. If they think Duke Nukem Forever sucks, don't bash them because they voiced out their opinions.

djhsecondnature2652d ago

A review is not/should not be an opinion.

Bimkoblerutso2652d ago

That is the definition of a review. That's what it is. You can get previews, interviews, screenshots and videos before these games are released if you are fundamentally opposed to reading an editors subjective review of the game.

Just for the record, I disagree with some of the scores these editors have been giving the game too, but to try and bring "objectivity" into the definition of a review is ridiculous. It's a critique, and therefore it is subject to editor bias just as any other opinion is going to be. Again though, if you are fundamentally against reading the opinions of others (as opposed to simply respectfully disagreeing with them) then I have very good news for don't have to read it.

ash_divine2652d ago

Actually, djhsecondnature is right. A review is/should be an intelligent examination of all important aspects of a game.(and wether or not those aspects make up a quality experience).

Not just someone's opinion.

spec_ops_comm2652d ago

Well said Bimko.

The author of this article is more of a joke than any of the reviews he has 'analyzed' himself.

This is like asking people what their favourite ice cream is. Since I like strawberry ice cream best, it is therefore the only acceptable answer. If you do not like strawberry ice cream, you're opinion will never be taken into account again.

N4G is becoming the shithole of gaming journalism (quite the feat) because articles like this keep getting approved.

Kakihara2651d ago


So are you telling me you wouldn't have any problems if all the major review sites reviewed Uncharted 2, giving it a 3/10 and saying things like, 'I hate third person shooters, they all suck so this game sucks too' and 'This game starts on a train and features a character with a moustache so it's no good'??

Of course everyone's viewpoint on everything is subjective ultimately but a reviewer really should try to get over their subjective biases to some extent in order to better inform people who may not share those biases whether or not the game is likely to be a worthwhile purchase.

ginganinja2651d ago

If i read such a review for UC3, i'd question the sense in giving that editor the review to start with - especially if it was from a 'major' site.
If that was the authors honest opinion about it, then there's nothing wrong with the validity of the review itself.

fourthpersonview2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I think I was misunderstood. lol

I'm talking about the article writer, that he shouldn't bash other people for their opinions.

Anyway, I think that reviews are subjective. You can point out the technical stuff but in the end it comes down to you, whether you like the game or not(opinions)

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Merivigian2652d ago

I actually like this game, I haven't had fun like this in a long time, it really reminds me of Xbox gaming. I went into it not knowing a thing about Duke Nukem, never played any of the stuff, nothing. Perhaps that's the best way to go in - without expectations. I've only made it to "The Lady Killer Pt. 2", yet I've had more amusement from this than LA Noire.

Prototype2651d ago

Outside the xbox gaming I agree, its a nice break from the traditional "serious" storyline and puts fun back on the map at some places. The 90's references were the biggest thing - finally someone who pokes fun at things people thought were hits back then.

My only real complaint so far (I'm at the middle of the game) is the lack of lesbian sex/jokes (I know there's some but I expected way more especially with Gearbox involved).

Merivigian2651d ago

Haha, by Xbox gaming I meant (and you have to agree on some bit) that there were more games back then that didn't take themselves seriously. I love DNF because it knows it's a joke, it's not a try hard game.

bwazy2652d ago

Obvious statement is obvious.

Spenok2651d ago

Typical responce is typical?

NYC_Gamer2652d ago

cant expect everyone to like a game because you do

bwazy2652d ago

Exactly. Its like how I think NYC is the biggest cestpool in the world. It all comes down to personal opinions.