Nintendo: The Demand of HD Increased Rapidly

With the announcement of Wii U on Nintendo's shoulders, Miyamoto has stated why the company took so long to start embracing the HD market and to make the Wii U.

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Hitman07692403d ago

And it will for 3D as well... hope Wii U is prepared for that!!!

NYC_Gamer2403d ago

nintendo=full of crap and are always late to the ball game...they knew HD would take charge but instead took the cheap route.

TheBeast2403d ago

I actually agree with you. Nintendo had the in-vision of making money, that is all they think of. Later in the age HD is cheaper due to 3D being rolled out.

EYEamNUMBER12403d ago

why do people always say nintendo is late to the ballgame technically speaking they are always first with (insert new thing here)

it was only until the wii that they ditched bothering with graphics

DarkCharizard_2403d ago

Besides Nintendo couldn't go with a high powered console like the PS3 simply because it didn't have that many resources or money to waste during the abysmal GCN days. They had to make profit.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, anyone?

StbI9902403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Have to go with Dark charizard for today, I don´t want nintendo gone just yet as much as I want them to fail this gen and get some kicks into their loonies heads.

jukins2403d ago

like Dark said the abysmal gamecube and imo also the n64 did so bad nintendo was basically forced to go low cost. maybe it was good thing as they've obviously sold the most consoles out the three this gen. but still if nintendo didnt fail so hard the previous gens, I bet they woulda tried to go toe to toe power wise with sony and microsoft

ChickeyCantor2403d ago

The fact the economy was pretty bad back then anything could have happened.
Their basis came after research regarding JAPAN only.

They weren't looking at the rest of the world.

dredgewalker2403d ago

That was actually a smart move for Nintendo and now they have the funds to make a better console. This is the only generation where Nintendo released a lower powered console. I think if they made the Wii as powerful as the 360 and PS3 it might have been also expensive and might have sunk the company. I can also say that out of all the console manufacturers they make consoles that are the most durable. Heck my NES is still alive and kicking and our Wii has never had a problem. I'm more of a PS3 gamer but Nintendo still holds a special place in my heart for introducing me to Japanese styled games.

Sugreev20012403d ago

@ NYC_Gamer

Finally,a logical comment on N4G...the world is saved !

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Inside_out2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

... and the movie Green lantern is leading the Nintendo 3Ds at the moment is a flop and when the PS Vita launches, it will be the main true gaming handheld. Cell phones and ipods will command the rest of the market behind the unstoppable app phenomena.

Sony wants 3D, like they wanted Blu-ray...the industry is moving on being pushed forward by DD. 3D movies are a scam. The technology is fine if being cross eyed and/or having a lazy eye is your ultimate goal...o_O. It's an corporate agenda to raise the price of EVERYTHING related to entertainment and in the case of Tv's, wearing glasses at the same

zeal0us2403d ago

The demand for use/support of more than one wiiU tablet is increasing rapidly

SCW19822403d ago

Ha ha that's a good one thumbs up for you. By the way Nintendo, you ever plan on letting us watch an actual movie on your console. FAIL!

frankymv2403d ago

It sure did Nintendo, it sure did

Valay2403d ago

I hope Nintendo uses the style of that Wii U Zelda tech demo for the actual game. As much as I love Wind Waker, I'd rather they hold back on taking that route on Wii U.

ChickeyCantor2403d ago

Tingle tuner!!! TINGLE TUNER!!!!

RandyFanboiz2403d ago

Yeah, it increased rapidly before the Wii was released. When the Wii was released, HD was a basic function of all other consoles.

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