GamerGaia Review - CityVille

CityVille has been around for just over seven months now, and it has been Facebook’s most played game almost since it was released. CityVille is a city-building social game that allows you to construct your own urban paradise and become the mayor of your domain. CityVille is right in the same vein as FarmVille, developer Zynga’s other prize Facebook title. If you’re a fan of FarmVille, you’ll love creating with concrete in CityVille.

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Cwalk8162466d ago

It takes a higher level of human to withstand facebook games long enough to review them. Good job sir.

rmoar2466d ago

I had to play cityville for a class I was in once. It was the least time I played it.

GregoryAllen2465d ago

So what I get from this review is that we're better off just going to Newgrounds or something to play Flash games.