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OC Weekly - E3 2011: Hands-off Impressions of New Kinect Hardware

OC Weekly - Unlike Nintendo and Sony, Microsoft's biggest focus this year is all about software--specifically, software to support the Kinect sensor that was released half a year ago. Although the peripheral sold a world-record amount of units since launch, the amount of games and applications available for things has been rather. . . lacking. Knowing this, Microsoft assured to Kinect owners that the drought will soon be over, and an abundance of games will be available for casual and seasoned gamers alike. (E3, Kinect, Xbox 360)

Neko_Mega  +   1132d ago
Yet I feel like this is all the 360 is going to have, I want games that aren't Kinect.
SilentNegotiator  +   1132d ago
"Unlike Nintendo and Sony, Microsoft's biggest focus this year is all about software"

Har-de-har-har. It was all about forcing hardware that 4/5 of 360 owners don't have. Adding exclusive voice control to multiplats (a great use of a $150 camera!) and over-complicating controls (NON-rails action games) or over-simplifying gameplay (fable), along with a few exclusive kids games, is NOT making it "all about software"....it's about marketing a peripheral.

And Sony talked about the Vita for what, two minutes after showing off the games for it? So by the same standards of this writer, wasn't it also "all about the software"?
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DJMarty  +   1130d ago
Kinect just as 'SHIT' as ever.

Move on.

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