CVG - Time Extend: Far Cry 2

CVG - Everyone in Leboa-Sako and Bowa-Seko wants you dead. Sure, there's the guy who drives you into town who seems nice enough and a friendly vicar or two, but not one of them will help when your intended assassination target is pointing your own gun at you and a civil war is erupting outside.

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F7-2319d ago

Say whatever you want, but I love this game and have been still playing it. Sure, there are bugs, poor AI death animations, nonstop AI spawn, too boring travelling .. but, I love Africa (in a real life), enjoy nice graphics and soundtrack as well. You can also set almost everything on fire and fire looks really great, a lot of things in FC2 do, anyway.

wenaldy2318d ago

Sure it has nice graphics, but WTF the enemies always respawn in each check post, not to mention retarded AI.. I should call this game Far Drive 2..

PrimordialSoupBase2318d ago

Nothing ever works? Try sucking less.

nepdyse2318d ago

The best Single Player FPS i've ever played. Nothing else i've played comes close "in my opinion." Damn you Ubisoft, i can't wait till 2012.