GameStop Forces Customer to Buy Used

GameStop is a store that is becoming a more of a shame than an actual pride for the gamers in the world today. The store has hit a all time low.

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Hitman07692253d ago

Typical, why does this not surprise me?

Misterhbk2253d ago

Hmm...I see how this can be seen as a bad thing but it's no different than what others stores do.

If you walk into a bestbuy wanting to buy a laptop for a certain amount of money but you don't anything about laptops then odds are the sales associate, who probably knows at least a little bit, will be able to talk you up to buying one for more than you wanted all because you weren't an informed buyer.

Lets face it, it was a mom and in general with the gaming world 'moms' are uninformed about pretty much everything. Any informed gamer knows the difference between New and Used and can make that choice for themselves. A mom will only see the price difference and go 'might as well get this one.'

Also, if it was such a big deal the mom has a week to return the game for a full refund, and could then buy the new version.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean ti come to Gamestop's defense but there is a point where self responsibility comes into play. the mom went into a store that she knew nothing about, and well...thats what stores do. they up sell so they can get the most profit possible.

tplarkin72253d ago

Nice post. I agree.

But, Gamestop isn't serving the customer. I buy most games new. The Gamestop clerk whines. If the new game happens to be the last one, they've taken it out of the sleeve for security purposes.

I respect Gamestop's right to make a profit. But, as a customer, I don't want to deal with a whiney salesman that shortchanges me.

So, I try go to Best Buy for new games.

LOGICWINS2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

"I respect Gamestop's right to make a profit."

Yup, me too. This is America. No one forces anyone to buy games at Gamestop. If you gt ripped off, thats because you CHOSE to gt ripped off.

I lol'ed when I read the title. It gives the impression that a GS employee literally "forced" the mom at gunpoint.

MetalFreakMike2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

I hear ya on that one. Stores pull this crap everyday. Always lying and trying to get you to buy something that you don't need or want. Pretty much forcing you to buy whatever they throw at you.

I don't really shop at Best Buy anymore after I got into a fight with one of the employees that claimed a I3 Intel processor has four cores. I kept on telling him that they have hyper-threading and it makes the OS think there are more cores then there really is. He told me that I didn't know anything and he was done talking to me. They really need to hire better employees to work there.

3dawg2253d ago

good point. i on the other hand buy used games from gamestop to take advantage of their 7 day return policy for pre-owned games. i get to play games for free for 6 days while they hold on to my $

jadenkorri2253d ago

wow, one of the reasons i stopped buying at Gamestop/EB games. When they refused me 5 dollar match on MW2, when the store across the street was 5 dollars cheaper. I walked across the street and never went back.

alien6262253d ago

iam local gamestop dont do this...they are actually nice sadly one story makes the store bad...i know they might not be the best place to go to sell a game but they dont force me to buy use games...

gamingdroid2253d ago

"I respect Gamestop's right to make a profit."

Well said! I don't like GameStop business practices, but there are plenty of other options. Stop whining and go somewhere else. Problem solved!!!

killerhog2253d ago

There's has to be a reasonable reason to exchange or return an item. You cannot just go "I bought this use and now I want to exchange for new" or else they don't gave to do so.

Heartnet2253d ago

This exact thing happened to me in gamestation haha Bought enslaved and he put a pre order copy in ma new case... then told me to buy a pre owned copy haha i did cuz i cba to wait any longer than i had hehe

thesummerofgeorge2253d ago

Fack off with this garbage. Gamestop didn't force anyone to do anything... They tried to sell someone a used game, and apparently that's news. This is the worst attempt to make something out of nothing I've seen on here in a long time.

Jazz41082253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Gamestop is such a rip off. I used to work for them as a manager and I could write a whole article on there deceptive practices as they are all about themselves as a company. Sure some of the employees care and we tried to help out but we were the ones the company would write up and make work hell for as they want people who will sell used and sell reservations and take peoples trades and give them nothing for them while selling it used on the shelf for only 5.0 less then new. There's a lot more so pm me if you wantto know more of there slimeball tactics and there's a lot of them.

snipes1012253d ago

Gotta say this: hate the company and some slimy employees if you will, but don't assume everyone that works there is a mindless too. I have some good friends that happen to work at gamestop stores and serve me well all the time. This sounds like one bad employee and a clueless mother.

AAACE52253d ago

People are weak nowadays! What ever happened to the people like me who will say, "F*ck you, I don't want it".

JeffGUNZ2253d ago

Where in that article did any forcing occur? It looks like to me they were just attempting to sell her a used copy. Who would think that a business would try and make money.

If they truly forced her into buying a used game, they would have given her no option and refused to sell it new.

This article is a joke.

wicko2253d ago

I've almost been "forced" to buy used - I use the word forced meaning if I wanted to buy a particular game, the only way I could get it was used.

I decided I was going to give up my grudge on Alan Wake for being 360 exclusive and just buy it, since I figured it's been out for a while and should be $20 or so. I asked for a new copy, and they checked the computer, and told me it was "discontinued". But they had used copies! I said no thanks and walked away.

So basically if they figure there are enough used copies of a game floating around to sustain any interest in a particular game, they no longer buy new copies from the publisher. So now I just go to Best Buy or Futureshop, sometimes on Amazon as well, because these places actually stock new copies.

BigBoss072253d ago

The only time I ever got mad at gamestop was when they hired this guy that was very pushy with their new Powerup Pro Rewards card. He must have spent 30 minutes talking it up and I kept saying I don't buy used unless I absolutly have too. I preordered AC Brotherhood CE for PS3 four months in advanced from this guy and when I went to pick it up on a midnight launch, He had preorderedit for the 360.

I was livid pissed, but they said they had an extra one at the store they had opened up closer to my home. The guy whose actually over all the stores in the area works at that store and I now buy from him from now on because he's awesome to talk to and is very knowledgable on gaming. Sometimes even if its the same company, it really just up to who works behind the counter.

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SilentNegotiator2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

NeoGaf posts about supposed trips to Gamestop are stories now?

"Almost forced"?!? Put him in jail and throw away the key!!!

PsERSONA2253d ago

I read this on NeoGAF earlier, this is just hilarious. lol

miDnIghtEr2253d ago

I love that the story is from a kid, that had to have his Mom buy him a game because he's too young. :) LMAO.. NEOGAF and their kids.

Just like this site!

spec_ops_comm2253d ago

Every N4G user who approved this article should be permanently banned and, in the event that they are male, castrated to prevent further contamination of our species.

Matpan2252d ago

women don´t procreate?... just a random thought... :P

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JsonHenry2253d ago

They don't "force" me to buy anything. But they certainly try and sell me used. I'm sorry. If I am buying a game and the used price is only a couple bucks less than retail I am getting myself a shiny new copy.

subtenko2253d ago

Alright enough is enough. boycott gamestop, I stopped shopping there years ago. Everyone spread the word, make posters, everything. Stop shopping at gamestop. EVERYONE...

you all deserve better

showtimefolks2253d ago

and i been going to this gamestop for 8 years and most people i see coming in are core gamers atleast in this store.

and they don't force you but there are some games i don't buy new and why not buy used and save on a game 6 months after release?

I feel like gamestop is just hated for a lot of wrong reason when there is a gamestop hate article everyone just jumps on the bandwagon. Best buy,amazon,gamefly all sell used games too the only difference being gamestop usually have the better prices on used games plus you can always find deals like id did yesterday

crysis 2
dead space 2

buy 2 get one free for 65 bucks

I try to buy almost every game new but some which i miss are 6-9 months old and used games wise its better because of price

there are 4 gamestops in my area and i have never had any bad experiences from either of them

BeOneWithTheGun2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Why not buy used??? I will tell you why: When you buy used not one fucking penny goes to the developer. It goes into the Gamestop coffers. Plus, they gave some poor schmuck $15 for the game when he came in to try and get another one, most likely being poor which is why he was having to sell, and then they turn around and sell it for triple what they just paid???

Fuck that.

Crazyglues2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

LoL... he says becoming - Gamestop has always been more of a shame then a pride of gaming...

The sad part is that people are only started to see that now, it's been like this for years..

Welcome to Current events... Oh yeah and it looks like someone finally made this device called the telephone. -(seems to work pretty good).... LoL

I mean come on really, this is a surprise?


CarlosX3602252d ago

I smell a class action suit looming ahead. Tread lightly, GameStop. Tread lightly.

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NYC_Gamer2253d ago

i wish more places had mom&pop shops they deserve the support

TheBeast2253d ago

Mom and pop shops are the ones that show all of the love!

WombBat2253d ago

I agree, I asked the clerk for a super Mario galaxy 2 and he handed me an open game that had a sticker that Said "new" on it, but it didn't have the plastic wrapping.

So of course I handed it back to him and said can I get an actually new copy please, I'm not tryna pat the same price for a used a** game.

Effin swindlers

Disccordia2253d ago

At above: a fair point but having worked for game in the UK I can tell you they probably aren't swindlers it's just that the last one or two copies they have to take out the wrapping because they need to be used as display cases.