VG247: The Gunstringer moved from XBL release to retail due to request from Microsoft

Twisted Pixel’s CEO has said its upcoming marionette game, The Gunstringer, was switched from an XBL-only release to a full retail version, due to a decision made by Steve Baller and other Microsoft head honchos during a business retreat.

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Just_The_Truth2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Do they really think people will pay 30-50 for a xbl game just because it's on a disk? I just hope they justify the change by extending the game and making a controller optional.

DigitalRaptor2590d ago

The game looks terrible anyway. I would've thought the only way it would sell would be through XBL.

manumit2590d ago

hmmm better be worth it, because i know Joy Ride wasn't.

Hatiko2590d ago

Exclusively for kinect? What? No buy. Not paying 150 bucks when I should be able to play games on a system that I already BOUGHT!