Blu-ray is a Must-Have Feature in Next-Gen Consoles

Slash Gear: Nintendo made a surprising announcement recently that neither DVD nor Blu-ray will be making its way to the company’s upcoming Wii U console.

As expected, fans on both sides of the debate jumped on the story. Some said that Nintendo’s decision to nix Blu-ray in the Wii U proved that the company just didn’t know what it was doing in the gaming space any longer. Those who came out in defense of Nintendo said it makes perfect sense, since streaming is the future, and the console will likely support Netflix and other similar services.

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Surfaced2502d ago

Was it really such a surprise that Wii U won't play DVDs or Blu-rays?

Neither did the Gamecube or Wii. They don't want Wii U to play movies because consumers have so many other devices that can already do it.

DarkBlood2502d ago

and im perfectly fine with it i mean they had to of had other devices before the wii even came out so i dont know why some might complain about this as if they can only hook one thing to thier tv which there is a box to plug in to allow mutiple devices

that being said i kind of like the decision they made with that gives it a sort of unique feeling being a gaming only machine my ps3 can give me the all in one package if i ever feel the need too

wiiu day one for me

EYEamNUMBER12502d ago

alright someone seriously explain to me why blu ray is a must have for a gaming console because i really don't see what the big deal is

why is it a MUST? if your gonna tell me so you can watch movies then just don't bother

i really wanna know why some people think its an absolute must
what will it add to gaming besides being able to play movies
that does NOT sound like an absolute must to me

gamingdroid2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

"why is it a MUST? if your gonna tell me so you can watch movies then just don't bother"

It is NOT, never has been historically and will never be especially as we move into the digital download age.

I don't think it is realistic yet, but I'm hoping for an all digital download console next. No discs, no worn out optical drives and no mechanical parts (SSD please)!

trancefreak2502d ago

because it is one less box under the tv and is a very nice feature to have IMO.

NateCole2502d ago


Some people just hate having a choice/option. Also some people don't like having more space. Its crazy i know but some people are just like that.

EYEamNUMBER12502d ago

none of that sounds like an absolute MUST it sounds like a nice extra nothing more

Takoulya2502d ago

Goddamn, DarkBlood, use some punctuation. Your entire point loses half its meaning when you continue with such run on sentences with no capitalization or general care for the readers at all.

-Alpha2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )


How many more options do we need? How many people buying a Wii U wouldn't already own a product that plays DVDs/Blu Rays? And how many would buy a Wii U with the intention to play DVDs anyway? I already have eight products that play DVD's, and one that plays Blu Ray.

Most people these days use Netflix, which is eliminating the need for DVD playback anyway. Don't see why they would use Blu Ray if it would jack up costs, the Wii U is going to be expensive as it is

RedSky2502d ago


DarkBlood2502d ago


this is not school man no need to get your panties in a twist.

adding in punctuation wont maggically make my words make sense.

shoddy2502d ago

starcraft 2 need like 15gb to install.

or yall saying physical media is no more? In this case you are saying nextgen is all DD?

bluray might not be a must but physical media might be.

don't tell me nextgen games need less space than dvd. Still want multi disk games?

f7897902502d ago

DarkBlood use punctuation! What is wrong with you?

Mini Mario2502d ago


You do realize the discs they are using (nintendo) are going to be at least 25GIG

You did know that did'nt you?

unkn0wn2502d ago

@ Alpha

To say that most people use Netflix nowadays is somewhat ignorant, I don't want to necessarily use that word, but it's fitting for this argument.

The entire infrastructure for North America is still in the dark ages, with the exception of more heavily populated areas. I live in a city of 75,000 people and the average downspeed is about 650kbps, and realistically, that's extremely subpar. Barely enough for more advanced web browsing, let alone Netflix. Hell, every city in my state has a lower average with the exception of the capital.

To all of you that say bluray is just an interim while we reach the digital downloading, you're wrong. Bluray is much more than that, the American internet infrastrcutre has another 10 - 30 years before we can really hit digital downloading in stride.

We're miles behind, and if you're sitting there scoffing at the 10 - 30 timeline, please, look it up.

shoddy2502d ago

all I'm saying was

"bluray might not be a must but physical media might be."

RedSky2502d ago


All the more reason you would already have a Blu-ray or certainly a DVD player.

It also doesn't change the fact that from Nintendo's point of view it is a good business decision if the vast majority in wealthy countries already have access to high speed broadband and on the whole streaming movies it taking over with the majority.

BattleAxe2501d ago

Nintendo has lost touch with reality. The game Cube wasn't much of a success, the Wii was a smash hit because of motion controls but now Sony and MS have taken motion controls to the next level, so I'm really skeptical about the success of the Wii U. No internal Hard Drive, no Blu-Ray or DVD and some really weird controllers without Analogue Sticks is a recipe for disaster. I wish Nintendo all the best, but I believe that we are witnessing the next Dreamcast.

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Misterhbk2502d ago

Adding the DVD feature would cost next to nothing for Nintendo at this point. DVD is an old format at this point so why not add it in? Because Nintendo is cheap. Why not help people clear some machines away from their TVs?

I don't need a DVD player because I have my PS3 next to my tv. Don't need to go out and buy a Blu-Ray player because I have my PS3. Those features can end up going a long way with customer satisfaction and keeping customers from having to buy a ton of different machines and stack them all next to one another.

Only devices sitting next to my TV are my PS3 and PS2. Occasionally my laptop so I can stream content to the TV, but that's about it. Don't need anything else there.

-Alpha2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

If DVD costs next to nothing then how can Nintendo be cheap for not including it?

Most people own something that plays DVDs, and surely if people are that desperate they have something already to play DVDs and wont purchase a Wii U with that intention.

I don't see the big deal, really. Sure the option is nice, but in the end how many people will actually miss it for their Wii U?

TripleAAARating2502d ago


Yep the PS3 for me is my central multimedia device in the home, when friends come over we have the choices of playing some video games, watching a blu ray movie, or just relaxing with some music....

and oh you can already stream content from your PC to the TV through your PS3

f7897902502d ago

Well there are the licensing fees that add onto the cost of the product. They are already in a corner with the pricing of the over the top controller.

vsr2502d ago

I don't care about next xbox and wii using bluray. But cutting the content is very very unfair to PS3 owners. this should be prohibited in next gen. because PS3 owners are paying $60 for a BLURAY.

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socomnick2502d ago

:/ Nintendo basically is using custom blurays that it doesnt have to pay royalties for.

MS will do the same.

Both get high cap discs, bluray association gets nothing from them.

NateCole2502d ago

Its using blu-ray tech therefore they are paying royalties.

Nin are only doing it to help combat piracy.

DarkBlood2502d ago

just because its custom discs doesnt mean it is in any part associated with blu-ray god get it together man

Jihaad_cpt2502d ago

Nate I agreed with you because that is exactly the case. Apparently people don't want Sony to get any money

Tommykrem2502d ago

Thing is that HD games take up a lot of spaces, and Blu-Rays can provide more bytes per dollar than most other formats out there. But we'll see how this works out, certainly not something to be excited about that it lacks Blu-Ray, but it might not be a big problem either.

kaveti66162502d ago

It's the audio more than it is the visuals.

Godmars2902502d ago

Yeah, like the Netflix service which is available on the PS3, Xbox 360 and...Wii...

I agree with you, but it the PS2 long redefined game systems as multi-media devices.

awi59512502d ago

The wii u will cost alot more than the wii did. If they add blu ray they will have a high launch price like ps3 and xbox 360. Nintendo isnt going to release a high price console that they will loose money on its not going to happen. So they did whats best for them they dont have to follow sony. Nintendo has proven they can do their own thing and not have to pay their competitors money. Why do you think ps3 doesnt run on windows? So why should microsoft and nintendo get in bed with sony if sony points their nose up at others.

Blaze9292502d ago

I think Microsoft and Nintendo will go around using blu-ray if they can. Just create their own disc specifically for games. hell, might not even be discs

jacksonmichael2502d ago

I would be surprised if it wasn't discs... Would be cool though.

Jihaad_cpt2502d ago

that would be expensive, how would they devilver their games?

awi59512502d ago


Highly compressed DVD's that unzip like on pc. I may get a dvd that has 5 gigs of info on it that unzips to 20gigs after you install it. Consoles are becoming more and more like pc's they might as well go all the way. Pc's dont need blu ray one of my pc games is 55gigs and that much info isnt on the dvd its just compressed untill you install it.

ChrisW2502d ago

Sony's newest portables don't use discs. Maybe that's because Sony has a good idea of what the future will be like.

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NYC_Gamer2502d ago

i'm not worried because PS4 will be the only next gen console that i'll buy

Blaze9292502d ago

you mean to tell me you've been gaming through this generation and you're still on your single console owning stuff? Who does that anymore? Everyone knows the only real way to enjoy is to own every system.

NYC_Gamer2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

i have both 360&PS3 console wise....i like the gears franchise but that is not enough for me to justify buying the next xbox...i enjoyed the console when it was getting all those 3rd party exclusives but that is dead now/why wont MS build up any studios...and nintendo has been dead in the water same ol franchises and late to the ball game hardware upgrades.

TripleAAARating2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )


I own a single console (PS3 of course) I play most multiplats on my PC anyway, so I don't get how you can ask "who does that anymore"

EDIT: @Mini Mario
"You play donkey kong on your PC? lol"

Is donkey kong a multiplat?... that's a stupid question man.

Mini Mario2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

I own a single console (PS3 of course) I play most multiplats on my PC anyway, so I don't get how you can ask "who does that anymore" "

You play donkey kong on your PC? lol


hardcorehippiez2502d ago

I only own a ps3, had an xbox that redringed out of warranty before they started to replace them and the wii is for my kids.personally im only getting the ps4 because this gen the ps3 has treated me best , is still working and its all my children ever play now so the wii u is outta the question. ive heard so much shit talk over this generation about needing to play all and have been out of pocket getting systems that cant be played or just isnt . not next gen i want more money for more games.

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Why o why2502d ago

Whoever doesnt have a larger media next gen doesnt get my p, simple

Godmars2902502d ago

Thing is there's a large number of unadapted large media formats laying around post HD-DVD/Blu-ray war that could likely be picked up on the cheap.

Probably wouldn't be able to play movies directly, but the main point is to Nintendo and more importantly MS is that they're not BR.

Jihaad_cpt2502d ago

Godmars if you read a little you will see they do use Blu-ray disks but the drive firmware is disabled to play/steam the Blu-ray movies. So they still pay for some of the royalties just not for the portion to play Bly-ray video fprmat

Inside_out2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Blu-ray wasn't needed and it definitely won't be needed next gen Nintendo won't be there and I doubt M$ will pay Sony either. The Blu-ray drive has been a boat anchor on Sony's profits. The games are not any longer in length, other than those that are built around cut-scenes like L.A Noire and even then, last I checked it has sold more on 360 than PS3, 3 discs and is a rip off and because of market manipulations, the price of DvD's never really dropped in relation to blu-ray. A DvD cost 3-5 cents and should be a lot lower than any Blu-ray equivalent.

Blu-ray, like Blockbuster is on borrowed time. The industry is moving on and the fanboys should as well. It will be DD from here on in. Gamestop/eb games just spent BILLIONS on buying a company that does only DD. The writing was on the wall, Sony never bothered to read it.

Seijoru2502d ago ShowReplies(1)
Nitrowolf22502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Blu-ray is selling more and more every year. With 3D beginning to pick up its the perfect media storage device to store 3D and support it.

Really Blu-ray didn't have an affect on dvd prices? I remember walking into bestbuy buying a DVD that was the same exact price as most blu-ray movies are today. It was until the HD platform released. I can't get HD on DVD, maybe upscaled but not true.

I can buy whole seasons and trilogy of movies on single Blu-ray disc now.

Digital and Physical storage will still exist for a while. You think everything gonna go digital? Not until after 2019, thats when the governement plans on setting better internet lines across the USA to increase bandwidth and speeds. Going full digital won't happen as long as companies have download caps.

Its not gonna cheap and consumer would probably end up renting still from local shops.

Elven62502d ago

You can get true HD on a regular DVD, they're called "WMV HD DVD discs", they were kinda popular before the format war started (you can play them on a PC, Xbox 360, and I think even PS3). The max bit rate was around 14 mbps IIRC, Blu Ray and HD DVD can do more than double that for video. Digital distribution on the other hand so far can only do 8-10 mbps max depending on the service, connection quality, etc.

I think DivX had a similar platform around that time but I'm not 100% sure.

Fallouts2502d ago

I agree. Sure it's nice not to deal with multiple discs but was it really worth it for sony? All it added for me as a gamer was the amount of discs and even then there are not many games in the past 5 plus years that had to be put on multiple discs for the 360 and we are already talking about nxt gen consoles!

Not only that but DD is getting so much support, not only do you have a point with what gamestop and other are doing but just take a look at all the full games available right now for download on live and psn. I can be wrong but I think blu ray will be short lived. I do realize that ppl have this love to have an actual copy, while I don't care for a physical copy many do so I think it will be what ever gets pushed on more by the consumer.

FlyShootRaceSims2502d ago

I will fully support DD next gen. For people that don't have internet connection or play online for that matter; Gamestop or any retailer should INITIALLY offer the games in hi-capacity thumbdrives. Imagine having your profile and all your games/saves in just one drive. When you feel like buying a new game, just bring your drive to Gamestop and they'll download it for you.

Solid_Snake-2502d ago

even bad mouthing a disk can get you one bubble on here. you should know better than to talk bad about any sony product. there is even sony TV fanboys on here lol


inside_out is correct. DD will be the next format of gaming.

been a pc gamer its been my way of purchase for a long time. saves me £10-£15 a game anyway.

dragon822502d ago

My current TV is a 46" Bravia. It was my first Bravia and I can honestly say, I will never own another non-Sony TV. It's that good.

I can be classified as a Sony TV fanboy. :P

BlackKnight2502d ago


Better to buy Samsung and not pay for the brand cost that comes from Sony. They both have their LCD/LED TVs made at the production plant through their joint venture with S-LCD. Samsung also hold the majority for control over S-LCD.

Legion2502d ago


Bluray players are selling more and more every year. Bluray disks though obviously having a larger quantity sold each year are not selling at an equitable rate compared to the standard DVD.

What most analysts focus on is the Bluray player adaptation in households. With the quntity of Bluray players in home versus said quantity of DVD players.

What they fail to compare is the rate of Bluray player price versus that of DVD players in the same time frame, wih Bluray players price being exceptionally low in comparison. What this does is allows households to purchase the newer player but does not focus on the Bluray disks themselves. Because the main issue is that most all standard Bluray players still play DVD disks.

Yes people love to buy the next tec device but they also hate spending large amounts of money for their media. Blurays have never been an affordable price straight from the store. Bluray is not the cause of DVD price decline and DVD prices have never been as expensive as Bluray while Bluray was on the shelf. (Yes DVDs started out expensive but not in the same generation of sales that Bluray started)

The jump from quality in VHS to DVD was much greater then that of DVD to Bluray. And with the options of HD upgrade devices it is even smaller.

The main selling point of DVD over VHS was not as much the quality as it was the media itself. No rewinding of a tape. Tape having the issues with breaking and stretching when played too much. DVDs at the time were just smaller compact future devices. Bluray on the other hand is currently just a visual upgrade to DVD with little seen added benefit from storage size.

Bluray is not a next generation media and new media is already in developement that surpasses storage capacity and read speed bottle-kneck that Bluray brings to the table.

So why incorporate a media that will garnish little more following in the game industry outside of Sony then did the UMD disk.

Why o why2502d ago

What a fanboy rant. Blu ray is here for the foreseeable future... Deal with it whiny hater

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theonlylolking2502d ago

It should be a better have feature or it should not be bought over a console that does have blu-ray.

trancefreak2502d ago

I think he meant a new console should be equal or better by not omitting bluy ray I guess.

TripleAAARating2502d ago


thanks for the translation man... MUCH appreciated :)