1UP: Tomb Raider and the Reinvention of Lara Croft

1UP: Crystal Dynamics' series reboot is more promising than its E3 presentation might suggest.

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Inside_out2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Tomb raider was one of the biggest surprises of only complaints have been from certain fanboys of a particular console who prefer the manly grunts of Uncharted's Drake. It's not everyday that you hear people complaining about a girl grunting...o_O...unless???

Sorry Jeremy Parish at 1up that you wrote all that dribble about one of the highlights at E3. You are definitely in the minority and Crystal Dynamics, besides losing one of their guru's to the thieving Naughty Dog/ Sony R&D team, just showed the world that they are not only contenders, but that they are about to show the world how a REAL platforming game is made. You can see why Sony was trying to get them to make a game with Naughty late Sony. It sure did look fantastic running on a 360.

There was a lot of great looking and playing demo's at E3...what show where you at???

Far Cry 3 shocked and awed. Resistance 3 looked amazing. MW3 kicked of the M$ press event like a rock concert. The Halo's looked epic and Master chiefs new streamlined armor was the talk of those forums. Forza 4 will raise the bar. Ghost Recon looks amazing with insane level of customization. Sony is going to hit a home run with the PS Vita, name aside. Luigi is back and I assuming Mario is missing again. There was a ton of stuff. Where else would you see half of those great reveals. E3 is the Oscars for the gaming bad you missed it.

Btw Jeremy, if the biggest complaint anyone has about a " DEMO " is that the main female character grunts, squeals, breaths hard and yells to much then I'd say that demo was a complete success.

GamersRulz2530d ago

I am a big fan of the first four TR games on PS1, after that the series went downhill to me, then after I watched E3 I got excited again for this new TR...I also am a big fan of Uncharted, and I am planning on getting both.

I want to mention that what I loved in the first 4 TR games is how big was it for the time and that I got lost many times before I figure out the right path, todays games are kinda too easy and dev kinda spoon feed you and tell you what to do till the end

moaradin2530d ago

Tomb Raider was my favorite game at E3. Great surprise because I didn't know much or expected much before E3.

Shanks2530d ago

She has smaller tits! We're TOTALLY changing the game. We've been playing Uncharted on the reg, and we think we may be able to ape Naughty Dog's game and craft a similar experience for Lara's "new" outing. Will you please buy it? Look... Look... See how beat-up she is? That's BLOOD on her lip, there. She's SO young and inexperienced - did we mention that she has smaller tits and is battered and bruised? It's A TOTALLY NEW TOMB RAIDER!
(Of course, we're keeping the "Tomb Raider" moniker instead of making a new IP... but hey... look. Smaller tits.)