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MTV Multiplayer: After 15 very long years in development, the seemingly never-ending saga that was the development of "Duke Nukem Forever" has finally come to an end, culminating in the first all-new release from one the earliest icons of first-person shooter since 1996. "DNF" includes the same over the top action, humor, and titular character that fans of the series have come to expect, sufficed to say, the King is back, but is he better than ever?

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Grannyvukka2443d ago

Some reviews say 12 years, some say 14 years, now latest journalistic incompetence claims a 15 year development cycle for this game. I mean, this game probably realistically had less than a years developement time when you accumulate the hours the numerous developers actually worked on this, in between the times when they were releasing there other releases.

The game is nowhere near as bad as it is being made out as well. I bought the game in front of inFamous 2 on PS3, & haven't regretted it a bit. I did however have to throw the game back into my PS3 when I saw one of the latest 2/10 scores for a review posted up on N4G, as I thought I may have been missing something & somebody had slipped a halucinegetic mickey into my drink or food on the day of purchase (launch day).....I was wrong....well, I mean I was right.....well wrong & right....I was wrong for 2nd guessing my 1st opinion of the game, as after I played again just to put the game on for a quick hit, evaluation, I was hooked without even realizing & played for over an hr, when it was supposed to be 5mins.

So the game, while not ground breaking, is simple, & pure, mindless fun. I mean, it is hard to explain why, but many people like me, will play this & have a small giggle at the crass humour, as well as just simply enjoying the game for what it is, & what it offers...And what it offers, if nothing else, is FUN. And I don't know for anybody else, but that is why I got into games, & is the reason I still play them....for the fun factor.

I love the COD's, Socom's, MAG's, MOH's, Unchartered's, Warhawk's, etc, etc......but for me there is definately a place reserved in my shelf space for this Duke, & hopefully a future, more focused & realized new game in the series. I say that because, I do agree with a couple of things in the reviews, & that is load times (which are way too long), & some areas of the graphics could be better.

But, it is definately not as bad as made out to be, & the graphics are more than serviceable, as well as all other areas, except the frustrating load times.

Horny2443d ago

Thanks I would rather take your review into consideration because I'm all about fun too. I'll just wait until its on sale because its bound to happen soon with these reviews.