Nintendo 3DS vs PSVita: Fight!

NGR Writes: We have a real battle looming. The undisputed ruler of handheld gaming is about to take on a competitor that stands a greater chance than anything in the past. With mediocre hardware and software sales does 3DS have what it takes to stiff-arm Playstation Vita?

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coryok2588d ago

i would compare the 3ds to a meal where youre getting a burger made of raccoon meat and they wont even give you any ketchup to make that horrible taste of the raccoon meat go away, yet they still charge as much as the guy across the street thats offering steak and an assortment of condiments

rickhunter892588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

skip vita winner. even Obama knows.

MasterCornholio2588d ago

Message to haters of either the Vita or the 3DS

They are both good handhelds made by good companies. Deal with it or go cry in a corner.

live2play2587d ago

streetpass tags are a great diversion, cant explain what it feels like getting that green light, except maybe when you order something online and its due in 2 weeks but it gets there sooner kinda feeling)
im gonna love downloading classic gb and gbc games
3D is really cool (things do POP OUT ffom the screen)
haters say its a gimmic, only viual doesnt add anything... but then what are HD graphics?
blown up screen shots do not do the games justice, OoT looks amazing
im excited for netflix on it and 3D video services