Extra Punctuation: L.A. Noire Is a Bad Adventure Game

Yahtzee doesn't think L.A. Noire did anything new

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Legion2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Has to be the worst article that I have ever read. The whole idea behind the article is that he doesn't like the game because it has been done in different fashion within earlier titles and he doesn't like the concept of " investigative game about a detective in a fedora in a 1940's noir setting where everyone smokes like a burning building?"

That was all on page one of his article... nothing worth reading here to make me click on page two. Except the shear hilarity that the article twists into. He goes on a rant that he is a developer and then goes on about his title he worked on is so much more interesting a detective piece then what Noire is.... when really it is a poor theorized concept of the same thing with time specific limitations and weak based patience stat that influences your confrontation with those being interrogated. Just an excerpt from his page two rant on how a game should be based on his design... "The game is almost entirely about info-gathering. Puzzling only comes into it when you have all that info - you solve the crimes by selecting two pieces of intelligence from your notebook and combining them into a conclusion. For example, you have the notebook items "The murder weapon was a giant spoon" and "Only Novelty Dinnerware PLC makes giant spoons" which can be combined to create "The murderer is a client of or associated with Novelty Dinnerware PLC". There'd be several alternative ways to find the right connections and have everything you need to confront the Cutlery Killer."

His article is Cliche'

MintBerryCrunch2586d ago

you cant argue that Cole is not a cliche character

another thing is that the Doubt option needed to be fleshed out in the game, because what most gamers and the devs thought "doubt" meant in the game is completely different

Legion2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Actually I can argue that Cole is not a Cliche character. If you play the game then you will realize that he is far from any other character that you have played. The guy is messed up and you live his non-Cliche rise and fall from grace. Thinking the whole time that you know who he is until the next thing jumps into the story plot. Have you even played the story all the way through?

He might have the outside view of a Cliche with the '40s Detective look to him. But is that Cliche or just an actual adaptation of the characters in the time?

Doubt was rather easy by the way. Two things you had to do with all cases was to look at the character and see if they had the tall tale signs of shifty eyes looking away and a somewhat plausible reason to not trust what they were saying in circumstance. If you had evidence that they were lieing then you choose lie... if you didn't have evidence then you choose doubt.

I would say that only about 3 characters had me guessing doubt incorrectly.

First off the top of my head was the little girl that got abused. She seemed to be peering off left and right with her eyes when she answered a certain question. But in hindsight I can see that the circumstances themselves could have made her not want to make direct eye contact in that case. And I had no reason to have really doubted her.

A couple others didn't give me the hard peering off that I was looking for but I should have doubted them based on their previous dealings with me.

The game is not easy with the hardest part being the actual looking at clues and associating them with the lie. Remember you can always choose lie and after Cole gives a little more speach (which often reveals a lead/or not to a clue) and then you can back out and choose doubt instead with no repercussions.

xX TriiCKy Xx2586d ago

I'm gonna be honest here, I didn't read you're entire giant wall of text. Instead, I read the very first part, then hit agree since you sided with me in that first part.

despair2586d ago

yo paragraphing helps us all, it doesn't have to be proper punctuation just some separation for easier reading.

Legion2586d ago

True... it was seperated ok until I added the quotation in from his rant. But then I was too bored to go back and adjust it.

nopunctuation2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Yahzee should stick to doing what he does best, satirical comedy of the gaming industry. Take away the comedy part and he just sounds stiff and overly critical.

Deadman_Senji2586d ago

Wait, he's capable of comedy? I honestly hadn't noticed. I thought all of his videos were stiff and overly critical.

He's a boring PC elitist on top of everything else, IF this is really him and not just a fictional character like AVGN.

He wears a stupid hat too.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

when is the last time yatzee did anything new?

Personally I liked LA NOIR and I think its one of the few games that is meant for adults and not little kids and teens. Think about it. Think of your favorite M rated game, chances are it would appeal to 9 year olds and teens more than adults. Then think of what most litte kids would say playing LA noire "boring" and "stupid" and "what button for the helicopters"

I feel like LA Noire was one of the few games that stepped out of the kiddy pool with its gameplay and story. No over the top violence or swearing, no helicopters, explosions, zombies, giant guns/bugs, space ships or space armor. nothing "epic, insane, unbelievable, extreme or totally bad ass." just a believable and interesting story, something that most games dont have.

I liked it because the answer to everything wasnt "kill this" like in 99% of the games today.

omi25p2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

gears of war, alan wake, dead space,fallout I dont think many little kids like those games...

Also i really enjoyed L.A noire and it was one of my favorite games ever, Right up to the final few cases where my interest in the game dropped completely.

Then when think about the game after finishing it all i can think about was how i never screwed up.

Sure i died a few times but thats normal. What i mean is when im surposed to be interogating someone i could get every single question wrong and yet id still get the same outcome at the end of the case that i would of if i had got every question right.

The game was a freeroamer, but when actually doing a mission there was no two ways of doing anything. I remember serveral parts where i had to go somewhere to arrest someone and the game instantly put me in a gunfight.

That means i had no choice in how i arrested that person, i couldnt go in stealthy and arrest the guy without causing a shootout at all, I couldnt wait for him/her to go some where and arrest them as they leave.

All i could do is what the game made me do and thats what disappointed me the most with L.A Noire because rockstar has always allowed me to do things my why but this time it all felt forced on me.

Confirmer2586d ago

confirmed l.a noire low chart perforcemance is becuase its a bad adventure game

blackburn102586d ago

This is why people don't like him. Whether you like it or not he exposes the worst in a game that most people ignore. He sees the faults that I myself see in these games that people shower with praise. But people don't like the doubts and irritations they have about the game dredged to the surface. Like when he reviewed Mortal Kombat and pointed out the ridiculous nature of the fatalities and the bone breaking. It made me realize how outdated MK's concepts and techniques are. It is strange to watch someone break your legs and then jump back up on them or the ridiculous violence that seemed more goofy then gory like a bad horror movie. But no one likes to see their games torn open and laid bare like that. It upsets them.

Darkfiber2586d ago

Seeing faults in games and not showering praise on every big budget "blockbuster" that comes out makes you a troll. No, it's illogical to not like a game because it has faults. People can't comprehend not liking a game that has that has such a big budget. The more it's advertised, the better it is, right?

Every kid this generation acts like they developed every single game by themselves using their own money. They take every criticism so personally, it's pathetic. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and simply because you may not agree with what the majority of people say doesn't make you a "troll". Perhaps to morons who can't comprehend why someone doesn't like a game...Oh yes, NOBODY can dislike LA Noir, hence if they say they do, the only logical conclusion is that they MUST be lying, and are therefore simply trying to piss people off, which makes them a troll. Derp.

Legion2586d ago

But he didn't even do that in this article. He literally said nothing about the gameplay of L.A. Noire. All he did was talk about HIS version of the same type of game that he is working on... which was an awful sales job.

The guy is a tool.

Awesome-Xanto2586d ago

L.A Noire was a pretty good game...

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