DICE: Bullsh*t – Why Can't You Take More Time Learning PS3 Hardware

After responding to the complains regarding the PlayStation 3 footage of Battlefield 3 that made its proper debut on the Jimmy Fallon show, DICE has once again addressed a fan’s concern on the developer not taking more time to learn the PlayStation 3 hardware.

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Pandamobile2256d ago

Why do PS3 fans have these ridiculous expectations from this 5 year old system?

The PS3 footage looked fine for a console game.

Shaman2256d ago

Has anyone seen their tech papers on PS3?What they are doing on it?Lighting,deferred shading(only guys doing it on SPUs),MLAA and occlusion culling.Whats the problem?Is KZ3 or UC3 as interactive as BF3 is?Nope.Is there as many explosions,destruction and overall mayham in MP?Nope.So shut up,because alot of people worked extremely hard just to bring you the game that is DX11,next gen PC pusher,on your console thats 5 years old.

vulcanproject2256d ago

Maybe they should suggest to complainers that if they want better looking games on an aging system they release a firmware update that forces an overclock on their console. Course this would mean that most everyone's machines would fail and overheat. Still, for the few that didn't, the game would look a tiny bit better.

In other words, you have aging fixed hardware. Deal with it.

joydestroy2256d ago

yeah i think if they have a problem with it then they need to cough up some real dough and get a high end rig. simple as that

solideagle12256d ago

first of all PS3 is not a super computer. second as Shaman said there are more things in game rather just its an approach how a game designer/developer take it.

captain-obvious2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

i think they are actually PUSHING the PS3 to its limit
they have said alot of times they are utilizing the cell's SPU's

that's why they showed the PS3 footage
maybe they are more confident with that version of the game

and thats what are you guys getting
your hardware's limit

now i know there is alot of first party studios that make nice graphics games with big numbers of players count

they have to since Sony gives them shit loads of money to do so
and they got 1 console to focus and work on

BF3 is (right now) going on 4 platforms all of that using new engine that's may not be utilized YET

they have to do ALL of this
and the game is coming out in 4 months from now

its not easy you guys need to understand

they dont have the luxury of time since they are working on a multiplat game with a new engine
AND wasting all the resources on the only ONE platform is not a great business decision

and with dice im sure they are doing thier best to give you WHAT YOUR console can do best

so just simply
chill the F out

HungPHATx2256d ago

It look like I thought it would ! A high polished BFBC 2 with better lighting , better destructible envieroment and good smoke effects ! Looks really good for alpha build and can't wait to get it for my PS3 this fall

disturbing_flame2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

I think this sentence is exagerated.

99% of PS3 owners are really enjoying that the first gameplay of BF3 on console has been showed on the PS3 exclusively.

This article is oriented, it just makes a headline from something that is clearly limited to one or two opinions.
Everyone is slamming DICE ? Come on that just ridiculous.
Everyone is clearly enjoying the fact that EA is still behind PS3, that's the reality. I think PS3 users loves EA, and EA know that they are doing great business with this platform.

Every PS3 user loves EA putting Dead Space Extraction in Dead Space 2 only for PS3.
And every PS3 user will love EA putting Battlefield 1943 in BF3 only for PS3.

So this article is a joke (can we say it's an article either, it just looks so unintelligent) , it takes random shit on twitter, making a poor headline just to fool people.
Don't forget that this article is written by a person and what is written is just his opinion, and it is far from reality...

And WTF is this : Gaming Media ?
It just looks like garbage.

PS3 users love DICE.

HS832256d ago

My God Shaman you by far have made the most sense then every idiot complaining about BF3 graphic wise. I 100% agree with you. Well said Sir! Well said!

morganfell2256d ago

First of all stating that "PS3 fans", as if all of them are complaining, are just the words of a desperate person taking the opportunity to attack PS3 fans in general.

Most PS3 fans are quite satisfied with the state of the game because:

A: It looks damn good and the environmental destruction is outstanding.

B: Second, the fact that Dice chose to reveal the first console footage on the PS3, when they wanted to wow the audience in general and the console audience in particular, should tell you which console version is faring the best.

PS3 fans have been consistently treated to great looking titles this generation. It isn't all about resolution. You won't find better lighting than on the PS3. I cut my teeth on the PC decades ago and I love PC gaming. But for the console experience, the PS3 shows it can still deliver.

PS3 gamers could have a field day generalizing and lumping PC gamers into a single pile. That is what is being done to PS3 gamers in this case. Some of us are both PC and PS3 gamers and realize this is a small handful of people complaining and they will always complain.

What is driving a great deal of this is history. The history is that companies have relentless developed PS3/360 games to be as close together as possible. This is done for marketing reasons and the fear of alienating a demographic. Companies didn't give to craps last generation about disparity in console versions and PS3 gamers simply ask the same treatment this generation as well.

spektical2256d ago

idk, until i see uncharted 2/killzone2/3, GOW3, infamous 2 quality from multiplatforms, then they have a point. till then its just a product of it being multi plat.

idk why PC elitists don't get this. U2 looks miles ahead of BF3, and its a 2 year old game.

DragonKnight2256d ago

Without commenting one way or the other on footage I haven't seen, there is one thing I would like to address.

I like how they completely avoided what the "fan" said. By saying "bullshit" it's like they said BF3 can't look as good as KZ3 or UC3 or that they can't take more time to learn PS3 programming.

People may be fine with the footage, but DICE doesn't look so great by indirectly admitting they can't make the game look better.

Again, that's just my take on the response, not the game. I have no opinion of the footage as I have not seen it.

lil Titan2256d ago

PS3 users just want the same thing PC users are getting and PS3 users know they can get that if the developers learn the hardware a little more but im still getting the game regardless. Dice did a good job from what they knew and its still gonna be the best FPS out this fall

I_find_it_funny2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Killzone 3 is gorgeous but it doesn't have advanced destruction and multiple vehicles at the same time.

Some peope are just clueless idiots, I feel ashamed by this news somehow, I literally can't believe this.

@lil Titan, pls don't generalise "PS3 users" it's some idiots on twitter and in the comments on BF blog, that's all.

MOST PS3 gamers are fine with with they saw, so please don't generalise.

@spektical , once again for slow people VEHICLES and DESTRUCTION, you may not realise but it takes RESOURCES that can be used to create better visuals.

/edit: Look at Call of Duty, it doesn't have destruction, it doesn't have vehicles, it doesn't have big maps and still looks worse. Be reasonable and Give DICE a break already.

Ju2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

There are some with a brain in here, and I agree the ones complaining are not part of that group.

For me BF3 looks phenomenal on the PS3. I did not expect it to be that close to the PC footage. IMO it is very close. We have only seen a microscopic preview of the final game and yet people go on a rampage against that game. I smell FUD here. Big time - before the PS3 footage was shown, those articles were coming; but with a different topic.

Are you guys insane? Will some of you ever be happy?

For me, this game might as well look as good as KZ3 or UC2. Can we please reserve judgement until the game finally hits the market before we bury it?

For those who think that Dice does not understand how to code for the PS3: don't bother reading their tech docs. Those will be over your head anyways. /rant.

DeadlyFire2255d ago

I don't see why all the skepticism. PS3 still gets a quality version of the game. Graphics are not bad at all. The physics are still fully in the game. The vehicles are still in the game. So you should be happy.

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Focker4202256d ago

I really don't know who is complaining, I thought all of the footage looked great. Especially for a multi-plat. People are complaining about a 5 minute clip that they got off-screen footage of. Some people must cry and moan about every tiny thing.

NegativeCreep4272256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

and it isn't quite that time to reasonably think that the Playstation 3 has reached its limit in the technical department.

Pandamobile2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Are you kidding? There's only so much you can pump out of a 6 year old GPU and Cell CPU with 256 MB of RAM.

The PS3's GPU is a modified Geforce 7800, which was the recommended graphics card for Battlefield 2!

That 10 year life cycle means that Sony will continue to support the PS3 after the PS4 comes out like they did with the PS2. That has nothing to do with the amount of computing power that thing has.

socomnick2256d ago

ps3s gpu was outdated the moment it released.

:/ instead of complaining they need to do what I plan on doing, building a new gaming rig and leaving the weak console gaming behind.

DualConsoleOwner2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

First of all, it has 512 mb blazing fast ram, but split which makes it hard to program for.

As for graphics card, this is where cell comes in and unload work from GPU.

PC cant do this, so specs on PC has nothing to do with PS3.

If PS3 is being fully utilize as you say, why doesnt it look like top PS3 exclusive??

stop speaking out of your arse.

heroicjanitor2256d ago

The Pc gamers are in in force anyway, going on about GPUs as if that is supposed to be the ps3's strength :/ It has a different architecture to pc and uncharted 3 still looks great.

pandehz2256d ago Show
baodeus2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )


then perhaps you should give a list comparing ps3 1st party games to BF3. Heck how about comparing any ps3 exclusive to Resident Evil 5 for example.

1. scale (open/scripted open/straight up linear)
2. texture
3. lighting
4. tech behind these game
5. destructible/interactive environment
6. AA
7. polygon
8. amount of things on screen.
9. frame rate.

something like that would sufficient. Just looking alone doesn't say anything. I'm thinking u might be mistaken for artistic aspect, which has nothing to do with technological aspect of a game.


" they should demonstrations of their engine using ps3 cores to the max",

i guess u haven't read about DICE utilizing everything there is from Cell for BF3? U should look up on it.

Then again, all developers have been complaining about RAM limitation on consoles for a while now. They did everything they could just to save a couple of RAM if you guys read carefully on tech discussion, especially BF3.

Are you guys gonna not read and just keep calling foul when u don't know a dam thing about game development?

Arnon2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Wrong. The PS3 has 256 MB of regular GDDR3 RAM (less than my 5 year old GPU), and 256 MB of XDR RAM. XDR, while being fast, is still 256 MB, so when you honestly think about it, what does it matter? Having "blazing fast memory" of only 256 MB isn't going to do much for you.

As for the PC not being able to "do" things the PS3 can't, that's false. You act as if unloading some of the work from the GPU to the CPU is trademarked by Sony. Not to mention, the PC doesn't NEED to do this. The only reason the PS3 does this is because it hits a bottleneck so quickly due to it's outdated hardware.

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theonlylolking2256d ago

These peeps just think the power of the cell can do everything that can match a gaming PC. When I saw it for the first time I was amazed on how good it actually looked. It did not look nearly as good as the PC version of BF3 but it looked really great. I think it is a huge step up from bad company 2 and peeps should not be complaining.

@Shaman Very true. I now wonder if DICE could outdo naughty dog in the graphics on PS3 if they made maps like uncharted and without destruction.

How is the 360 holding back the PS3? The PS3 has no more power left in it to use. The 360 was worn out in 2009 and in 2011 the PS3 has been worn out. It is time for the next gen.

RayRay362256d ago

ND will never make a multiplayer experince as far as graphics that compare to Dice. But ND annihilates Dice in the singleplayer department, graphics included. I garuntee Uncharted 4 and & Killzone 4 look better than their predecessors. Just because we're not making quantum leaps doesnt mean its time for the next gen. I think 2014 or 2015 is when that should arise. Sonys ten year plan is excellent. 8 years for the PS3 & 2 years for people to convert.

Shaman2256d ago

Well,we will see if 360 is worn out with BF3(according to some new tweets from Cristina Coffin they are exactly the same,running at exactly the same res).Anyway,people HUGELY underestimated Xenos gpu.Unified shaders in closed box gave 360 ALOT of headroom.PS3 is definitely more powerful,but 360 is definitely much more efficient and thats why 360 version of BF3 will look very similar,and they are pushing both of them to their limits.

RayRay362256d ago

Can someone give me a reason for the disagrees?

madjedi2255d ago

@rayray36 Yeah uncharted 3 might look better( haven't played either so can't say), but the problem is there is alot more going on in bf3, than uc3.

They are different types of games, so to say one has better graphics than the other without taking into accout the concessions made for the destructibilty of the levels is slighting bf 3 unfairly.

I don't care which looks better really, they both look great and i must own each for their kickass graphics and gameplay and each ones unique experience.

@major pc guys like panda, what kinda power would you need to take an open world game like infamous or fallout(even harder to due) and apply a destruction ability like the bf series to all buildings and structures?

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dragonyght2256d ago

lol what make you think it was the PS3 fans complaining about the footage shown.

i mean if it was that case their reaction would have been totally different like Killzone 2/3 look better or uncharted still holding graphical crown or GOD murder bf3

anyway if that was the case n4g would have gone down in flame just saying

kudakadere2256d ago

I agree , the game looked great but the problem is how they should demonstrations of their engine using ps3 cores to the max , but now it's said to look the same as the 360 . They didn't want to throw a match on the flame war . People must understand the budget they had too.

showtimefolks2256d ago

i am still planning on getting it for ps3 nothing that i have seen has made me change my mind.

As a console only gamer i don't expect console games to look as good as a high tech pc but ps3 exclusive's have done a very nice job of pushing the tech

and xbox360's exclusives have pushed its boundaries

dice can only do so much with the hardware

they are working on 3 machines unlike many exclusive studios who have to work on one